Friday, May 04, 2007

Who moved my Cheese?

Ok, so I finally got around to reading that cute little easy read book "Who moved my Cheese"? Yeah, amazing isn't it that I managed to find the time now --- with twins..... with all my free time. (Insert sarcasm) Anyway, what I've realized is I am "sniff and scurry". Nice. A rat. Hmmm... I've always thought of myself as more of a dog kind of person. You know. Loyal to the end. Pee on your leg and you're mine! But, not a rat!

I'm quite intuitive and have always had an uncanny ability to stay one step ahead of the game and to know when I need to make a move. Sniff and Scurry always had their eyes wide open and me too! Not like "Hem an Haw".

Back years ago (many, many)I was married to another man. Not a bad man. Just not the man for me. Sadly I realized this after a few years of marriage and made a decision to leave. Friend's thought I was crazy. (stop laughing--not about leaving--the crazy thing) Which is not to say I wasn't.. then or now. To the naked eye it appeared I had it all. Big house in the 'burbs, snazzy car, travel all over the world, all the right friends. Yep everything I could want, err so I thought.

A born leader. Successful at a young age. Moving at mach speed chasing the almighty "carrot". Focused. Needless to say while he was climbing his way to the top and flying all over the world I was considering my options and he didn't fit into my plan. (I was miserable.) I was talking to my attorney figuring out what my options were! It wasn't what I signed up for. It just didn't feel right to me. I was looking for something more, but at the time as I reflect now I didn't know what exactly. So, I left. Just like that. No turning back and no regrets.

What I discovered was that I was looking for a mate. A partner. Someone I could build a life with and grow old together. You know, spend the rest of your life with. Someone you still like 20+ years down the road. The father to your children. The person you want to wake up with in the morning. Bad breath and all. Of course at the time I didn't know that person would be 10 years my junior *snicker*. (don't be hatin-ha ha) and live right next door.

Now I wouldn't have met my dh Jeff if hadn't known way back then that I also needed to rethink my career choices. Sniff and scurry in action. I was living in Atlanta at the time working for the airlines. (dated some jerks there too but thank goodness didn't marry any) Can you say G-l-a-m-a-r-o-u-s. (right) Anyone who can read or has two eyes knows the airline industry has been in dire straits for years. Layoffs. Pay-cuts. Crappy hours. To summarize, not so desirable. But gotta love those free flights.

So, I began to evaluate career choices. Something I would enjoy doing, be successful at but more importantly able to support myself. I came to an easy conclusion that I was an easy shoo in yes, and highly confident too for a sales job. Why not? I was still am charming and could/can talk to a door knob. With or without the "influence" of the grape. ha ha. So, that's what I did. I got myself a sales job. Just like that. I was so successful (full of myself too) that my company promoted me. To Florida where I would meet man o my dreams. *wink*

Fast forward a couple of years. Jeff and I have married. Jeff has an awesome job opportunity with a start up company in northern Virginia. (suburbia D.C.) We both evaluated the situation and came to an easy conclusion that we needed to consider the opportunity. Sniff and Scurry at work again. So, here we are... Are we here forever? No, probably not. Actually, we are currently contemplating a better quality of life and are exploring our options a little further south. Not Florida, but in the general direction........Sniff and Scurry in action again.

If you haven't read this little book I highly recommend it. Very easy read....


Cindy from central NC said...

Well I know where you guys should move's great, traffic's not-bad, cost of living fine.....people very very nice!! :) said...

So I hear!!! Really glad you're feeling much much better. Your babies looks so adorable!