Friday, May 04, 2007

FFFF Challenge: Gotcha Day clothes

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I may be a bit late (story of my life) with this challenge. Every week I have said I was going to try to participate. However no such luck. At any rate, here are their "Gotcha" day clothing. I was so surprised they fit!

As many of you know my girls were not tiny little petite Chinese babies. They came to us at nine months old as future world Olympians-- weighing 20 pounds (Abbey) and 18 pounds (Katie). I still remember so vividly the look of horror on their cute little faces the day they handed them to me. Me with my raging blonde locks and daddy with his soul patch. You'd be scared too!

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of them the day we became a family as it was just Jeff and I and one other couple. (I have attached photo our travel mates took)No free hands for pictures. They were actually wearing the same clothes as their referral picture. Which you'll see below. The clothes were remarkably clean and new. The girls are from Guangxi which is southern China. Surprisingly they did not come to us all bundled and wrapped like they we in the artic. They arrived in just their Jammie's.

We took them back to the hotel and promptly stripped them and tossed them in the tub. Not because they were dirty, but because I didn't know really what else to do. They were crying and they just wouldn't stop. It nearly tore my heart apart. Katie could barely sit up in the tub. We powdered them and dressed them in clothes we had brought.

Abbey, who is our "heavy" weight currently weighs 30 1/2 pounds. Katie, the feather weight tips the scales at 25 pounds.

Referral photo. Babies were 4 1/2 months here.

Girls in their nursery. We are lucky that our two little monkeys have yet to climb out of their crib!


MississippiZen said...

They just get more beautiful everytime I see new pictures! I love the big headbands! This was an emotional one for me, getting those clothes out and going through that day again! Amazing that the girls wore the same clothes in referral and on Gotcha day!

Stacie said...

Your girls are so cute, I bet life at your house is non stop action with twins. :)

Diana said...

Wow! YOur girls almost doubled Sophia and Alyssa's weight at gotcha day. Beautiful colour jammies for your girls......I'm guessing any colour though would look good on them though. What province were your girls from again?
Why don't you move your cheese to the great white NORTH?

Cindy from central NC said...

Oh my gosh, Rony. I had no idea your girls were Wow...good for you guys. It is a shock to the system carrying a duo around, isn't it? Did you get big-time cramps and pulled-muscles in your wrists and forearms. I surely did. I do Pilates sessions a few times a week (being doing it for years and years) and for the longest time, I thought I screwed something in Pilates on the reformer. Well, duh....I got the muscle strain for carrying them around all the time and leaning down (bad bad back move...) and picking up their "blankeys"...which are actually just hand towels. But...when we got the girls, they were just 13 pounds each. You had it much harder.
Really cute cute pics with the bows. Wow, they are looking so much older all of the sudden.
Can't wait to go back and read your older posts that I've missed these last few weeks.
Take care/have fun,

Cindy from central NC said...

Oh and one more thing...please tell me that both of us (me and you) have a long long long way to go before they start crawling out of the cribs. Good grief...does that s@#t really happen? Crawling-Out-Of-Cribs??!!!

Truly Blessed said...

Hi! thanks for visiting my blog today. Your daughters are absolutely beautiful, and very healthy. What sweet princesses they are.

I look forward to following your girls' progress in the future.

Truly Blessed (mom to Katie and her three BIG brothers!)

averysmama said...

Too funny! I was just checking out your beautiful kids when I got your comment. You must have your hands full, but they are sure cute!

mexican chopsticks said...

They are just so cute and so pretty! Love their long hair!!
My Emma was the most healthy one in our group just the way I wanted her to be. Who wants a little skinny one?! Emma was so cute with her little tummy and double chin (and still is)!!


Anonymous said...

Rony - thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing me to yours. Your girls are DARLING. It is amazing to me how the southern China girls often have the same features. We ate a new Chinese Bistro last night and our waitress was/is from Guangdong. She saw pics of our little girl and said, "Oh, she must be from Southern China! I can tell by her forehead..." Wild. Anyway, I'll bookmark your blog and continue to read. Nice to meet you -

Temple Gagni

Beverly said...

They are so cute. Love the bows.

Beverly said...

I've been a little busy today. It was just me and my girls. No outside help. (be still Sen). Anyway, yes it is quite busy around here. The girls are into everything and have to touch everything. Sheesssh......

Diane, I hear (through the grapevine---Sen...) that the girls not only will climb out of their cribs but we will be putting them in a padded cell! So far I've used my "big girl" voice and screamed "get your foot off" and it's worked. *grin*..... Let's hope we have a couple more years err months....



p.s. wasn't this a fun challenge?! What's next?

Sophie's Mom said...

They've grown so much! What beautiful girls!
Sophia's Website

Jen Magnuson said...

Tip for keeping your monkeys in the crib: When Jacob started getting out of his crib, and we had lowered the mattress as low as it would go, we drilled holes in the legs of the crib and lowered it a little more, then took wax paper and rubbed the slats with it. If they'll sleep in socks, or footie jammies, they'll be unable to crawl out because their feet won't be able to grip the slats to get a purchase to get out. It bought us a few extra months.

Jeff and Valerie said...

Your girls are beautiful. The bows are adorable. Oh and Mo-Mo looks like a real sweetie!

Lauren and Ed said...

Your girls are super cute! What fun you must be having! said...

The girls keep us super busy. It takes a lot keeping up with them and some days can be down-right exhausting.

Someone asked me what province my girls were from. Guangxi. They were very very healthy girls when they were placed in my arms a year ago. Thank goodness they don't have any real challenges with food. Obviously. *wink*

Stacey Bedgood said...

Hi Rony,

I sent you the only GOTCHA photo we had with ya'll in it...not a great photo, but I hope it helps.