Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For a flicker of a moment!

Yes, for a fleeting moment, I thought I might be.....pregnant! I was - shocked. Excited beyond, beyond - they said I couldn't conceive. And of course terrified - I mean, I am 50! I hadn't thought much about ole "Flo" not visiting, however, over the holidays I realized she hadn't paid a visit in a really long time. She had a standing reservation! I was hurt, then relieved, then worried. I started visualizing and imagining that I just might be...... dare I say the word?!? It would explain the extra poundage I was carrying too. I didn't speak a word of it to Jeff. Not to anyone. I bought a home pregnancy test and took the test while Jeff was running errands. I needed time to process everything in the event I was.... you know. I waited anxiously for the test results, only to feel a certain sadness when I looked at the stick and it was negative. Weeks went by and still no visit from "Flo". I scheduled an appointment with my doctor the end of December for a pregnancy test - those tests too came back negative, but I learned I was in another phase of life. The "Magical" time as they refer to it. Something about it made me sad. Not that I was going through the change, but this was it. It was final.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello! I'm back. Ok, everyone had so many different views on private and public education. But, what I've realized is that I too have had a change of heart. What, you say - you who is always so firm with your decisions?! Yes, I have. Let me explain my thought to you. It's no secret (I don't think!) that I we are trying to leave the greater DC area (interpret northern Virginia - with a heavy accent on the "naawthen vaaa-gin-ya part!) so that we can be closer to the beach family. Yeah, that's right... .family.
What I have discovered in my house hunt is, not all schools are as stellar and fabulous as what we take for granted in northern Virginia. I know - shocking isn't it?!? Anyway, if we were to land in one of the three areas we are considering, private education maybe in the chicks future. ON the plus side, all the communities we are considering have a big Jewish community, and therefore have Jewish Day Schools. Yea. I'm all happy. Now on to my new obsession - Morocco!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Private or Public?

And I ain't talking toilets, ladies! Thank you for the three of you who have so diligently continued to email me - really, everything is dandy! I'm just consumed with all the things that are now part of my routine...I truly have less time now than when I was working! Thank goodness school is over for the summer.....for all of us!

BUT I want to discuss what is a "hot" topic of conversation in my neck of the woods these days. School. And listen up - we have good, no, GREAT SCHOOLS in the greater DC area.

Are your kids going private, or public next year? Well, the following are some of the responses I've had when discussing said topic. See for yourself, then get back to me on your views and opinions.

random lady: Are you sending your kids to private or public school next year?

me: oh, public - fur shore! why, are you considering private?

random lady: yeah, I mean, should it take 20 minutes to pick your kid up, in the drop off lane?!
me: ummm, yeah - my kids are in private pre-school, and yeah, if you are "Mrs. I'm so Entitled" the drop-off lane is your peronal gold star parking space for being a "mom of five".... crap....choices.....or birth control

crazy lady: guns...I'm concerned about guns

me: ummmm.... what about guns?!? you can have guns in private school too - they're not exempt! ...rolling eyes....

church lady met in the parking lot: I want my kids to go to school with "like minded" kids

me: what do you mean? thinking.... FREAK, like that's "real world" preparation....ugh

church lady met in the parking lot: you know, brought up in the same type of home, pray the same

me: oh, not me - I'd drop my kids in DC if I could. I'm all about "diversity" - you know, Ex-pose-ur!

freaky woman: well, I think you'd want your kids going to private, cuz all the Chinese kids are so smart and always get the highest grades

me: restraining from punching her... I think my kids have a disadvantage... I'm their mommy! Walking away, thinking if that's the kind of kids in private, mine will be staying in the public school system

hot mommy: she really was hot, and likable. I'm not getting up that early, at least with private they don't have to be there til 9:00am... how bout you?

me: laughing, (cuz she was so honest!) nope, i'm all about buying my condo in Florida, education is so over-rated!

neighbor: you should send your kids to private so they don't have to go to school with the "poor" kids...

me: yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking... NOT!

Interestingly enough, not one person(NOT ONE!) that I've discussed the school thing with, has mentioned they're sending their kid to private for a better education. Meaning, because their kids are currently getting a sub-standard education. Our schools(NOVA) are some of the BEST in the nation, (top 100-150) however if I could send my kids to the Jewish Day School (25 miles away) and it wasn't 22k EACH (yeah, swallow that nut) - I would put my kids in private, and no, not for the educational advantage, but for the religious component. BUT, it's a two hour ++ commute each day, and I'm not putting my kids or myself through that, not to mention it's almost 45k for two kids to go to elementary school. I don't need that kind of pressure. Besides, you already know how I feel about my Florida condo.
I do wish the public schools required students to wear uniforms. Boy, would my life be so easy.

So what's your thoughts?!

p.s. I only post comments that are in English.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Holiday Letter from the Ghelerter’s 2009

Hello family and friends!! As many of you know, I did NOT get a holiday letter out this year! BUT, had I this is what I would’ve said. I hope your and yours, had a wonderful year! As I sit and reflect upon our year, I want to give thanks to all of you for being in our lives. This year we saw many changes, some special and some sad. Hang on as I step you through the past year with the Ghelerter’s! It could be a bumpy ride.

January was a special month for us. The world cheered as we elected our first black President! For me this would mean many things, one of which was having my sister, Val and her family in town to celebrate the inauguration with us! They, unlike some “party crashers” received the gold engraved invitation from Mr. President himself!

Our beautiful Au pair, Mai and her fiancĂ©, Wes, were married in our home, and “daddy” as she fondly calls him, gave her away. As you can imagine, I was a blubbering mess. We were so excited that Wes’s family was able to witness the nuptials, as well as “The Nana”!! The newlyweds will be traveling to Thailand this summer to be married in a traditional Thai wedding, and for Wes to meet her parent’s. I do hope they approve, and hope he has his dowry in order. *snort* …
Due to (so much) time on my hands, I decided to return to school. I won’t kid you; I was so scared I nearly talked myself out of it! I have a hard enough time trying to remember what I did yesterday, yet now I'm trying to memorize dates in history, way before the caveman was born! I am hopeful though, that I will be finished long before the girls start college although, Jeff believes this is just a ploy to follow them to college. Hmmm, I never thought of that…really.
February was a tough month for us. I too, joined the ranks of the 2.8 million(or is it zillion now?!) Americans who were unemployed! Unfortunately, for Jeff I was thrilled beyond, beyond! (Sorry, babe). But sadly, the following day we lost our beloved German Shepherd, Maggie tragically. My heart still aches….R.I.P. my love.
March was a busy month for us. The chick’s started swim class and gymnastics! They are coming along nicely in the water, and their Gymnastic's coach is an Olympic Gold Medalist! Carrie Scruggs, you’ve got nothing on the fearless duo!

Meanwhile,I decided to take up cake decorating. Surprisingly I discovered a stirring for the flour deep within, which prompted me to start baking sweets and goodies for neighbors and friends. That could account for the excess baggage I’m carrying around like a "747"! Note to self: Check into fat farm!! June and July was a wild month for us. We had plotted and planned our trip to Florida for almost a year. We hit the east coast of Florida, from top to bottom and then swung back around and topped it off with a visit to Disney. Jeff and I were able to re-live some of our favorite “haunts” from when we lived in Lauderdale. Alone! Thanks to Nana. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and weren’t able to see some very special friends – but not to worry; we’ll be returning this summer with the “U-Haul”! Run Forrest, run….
Home and barely unpacked from Florida, I was off and running again, this time to south eastern Ohio for one of two high school class reunions. I had such a great time re-connecting with old friends, and was thrilled to see my high school crush (he never knew) was there too. Funny, he married a girl just like me. Well, almost like me…she’s a doctor, (I know medical terms) he is too....and she's blonde (me too) and has beautiful blue eyes (me too - although mine are baggy) yeah....we're so much alike!
The annual "girls" trip this year was spent in southwestern, Virginia at my life long friend, Diane's “Mansion in the Hills”. Her hospitality was so gracious, I reserved the "Presidential Suite" and returned two weeks later with my "klan"! I do hope we get to indulge them with our presence this summer…. What could be better than hanging with the Ghelerter's?!?! lol.

Labor Day weekend I celebrated yet another class reunion in Westerville, Ohio. It was a fancy schmancy affair that required us to wear “grown-up” clothes! Lol. We partied like it was 1979 and we were all sorry when the evening ended. I still think we’re the coolest people I know!
My babies are growing up all too fast!! In September they started school at our Synagogue. I couldn’t believe what an emotional day it was. They each ran into their classrooms excited for me to leave. It was me who cried!

The chick’s and I ended the summer with one last trip to the beach. Unfortunately, Jeff could not get away to join us. With car packed we headed out for four days of fun in the sun in the Outer Banks. Nothing spells “relax” to me, than a beach outing and digging my toes in the sand......

December was a huge month for us. We celebrated Chanukah with much pomp and flair. It was so exciting to watch as the girls helped daddy with the lighting of the candles and reciting the blessings.

Jeff had much anticipated good news to celebrate, as he passed the CPSM exam which he has been studying diligently for, for the past year! It’s.A.Big.Deal. That’s what he tells me…. He then heads to NY for what we believe to be the final test to determine what ails him. Unfortunately, the specialist still does not know what is causing him so much pain. Where is “House” when you need him!?!? We are confident the doctors will solve the mystery. Someday.

New Year’s Eve would not be complete without the help of Uncle Rob and Uncle Dex to help ring in the New Year. We cooked, ate and were far too merry!!

Lastly, I want to give special thanks to my amazing husband, Jeff. If it weren’t for him bringing home the “bacon,” the chicks and I would not be able to do all that we do. We love you, babe.

To all of you, here’s hoping to an awesome 2010! If you get over our way, give us a call. We always have a bottle of red "breathing"......

Rony, Jeff, Abbey, and Katie

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Bringing G-d Into - Apologizing
By Aryeh Ben David

My family has been living in a wonderful small town for 20 years. Sharing births, weddings, happy, and sad events together, with friends and neighbors for as long as we can remember. Then – something happened and things started to break down. A small inconsequential disagreement with someone began to escalate.

This person blew up at my wife and insulted my children, one by one. I responded in kind. And during the month of Elul no less, as we were approaching Rosh Hashana.
This left me in a terrible quandary of not knowing what to do. They behaved horribly, and certainly I had not been a saint.

But the question I kept asking myself was: Should I apologize – or not?
On the one hand – absolutely not. If I apologize – they’ll think they were right. Doesn’t that compromise the honor of my family? They started it when they blew up to begin with. What exactly am I apologizing for?

On the other hand, they seem to be suffering now – closing themselves inside their home, fuming with anger. Maybe there are other things going on in their lives that I do not know about? Maybe this was just the straw on the camel’s back for them?

My wife, ever the peace-maker, advised me to apologize. The kids, advocates of uncompromising truth, said absolutely not. I had no idea what to do and it began to eat me up.

Finally, after listening to my wife and kids one more time, I decided to listen to my own inner voice, the voice of my soul, which was so confused over this. What was G-d trying to teach me through this aggravating and exasperating experience?

And I came back to the words I say every day in the morning prayers. “Blessed are You, G-d, who graciously offers a lot (ha’marbeh) of forgiveness.” “A lot.” The prayers don’t say that G-d offers “a lot” of wisdom, or health, or livelihood. Just “a lot” of forgiveness. There is something about forgiveness that necessitates “a lot” – more than what seems needed or appropriate, more than we can imagine.

How could I say these words each morning and then not try to bring them into my life? It was time to forgive. So I went over and apologized. It wasn’t easy. I wish I could say that this dispute had a happy ending and everything ended up fine. I can’t and it didn’t, at least not yet. Life is not so simple. But it did remind me that this is a time to especially focus on forgiving “a lot.” We’ll see what happens.

I've struggled with this one...I wish I could be the "bigger" person - but.i.can't. Not now....not yet.....

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hello, hello.....yes, I am STILL here! I have lots (LOTS) to report to you (my one follower....) but, for now I am trying to find out if anyone knows who adopted the precious babies above. Here's the short version (it won't be short!) I received an email from someone from the province group where we adopted the twins. Anyway, she said someone she knew had just returned from Guangxi and had pictures of my twins. Who (as she explained - which is another story....) were the only set of twins that the orphanage had ever had. She had a picture and wanted to mail it to me as well as an interpreted letter from the director of the orphanage. My heart nearly exploded, but much to my dismay the photo (above) arrived and it clearly was NOT "the fat" girls! Mr. Man actually asked me "if I was sure"??!? Of course I know my babies! See picture of twinkies on my side bar. As you can see the babies in the photo are teeny, tiny widdle girls!! I am trying to locate the parent's so that I can mail the photo to them as well as the note. The following is the information I have. Again, If you know who adopted these precious babies please ask them to contact me.
What we know
Parent's name: (?) Liam O'Shea
Twins name: Lai Fu Feng and Lai Fu Huang
Province: Guangxi Lai Bin
Location: East coast - maybe MA
The girls were were adopted : June 2006
Birthday: May 2005
I have discovered also, that there were only two sets of twins adopted from said agency....until another set materializes! :)
I hope you have all been well. Life is one big bowl of cherries here............and loving it...........
Update: I have found the parents of the twins!!! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The cutest words to my ears....

This is one of my most favorite videos. I promise it'll make you smile too! I can't stop laughing....now if only I had that much enthusiasm "making the bed"...ha ha.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coming up daiseys!

Well if you haven't had your dose of "Insane Mommy" this week here's a little bit more of me. I just LOVE this cake - I completed this tonight for my fianl cake class. Yes, I completed all four courses - not bad for someone who'd never baked a cake before.....Mr. Man still bakes the cookies....
Stay tuned - I've got a great recipe I will be posting soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Par-tay!

Few words are needed. They came. We laughed. We enjoyed. Wow. Still coming off the high of yesterday! What a party! There were no tears this year, however, there was lots of squealing and laughter. Too fun. Thank you friends for sharing in on what was such a special day for the girls. I can't imagine what "The Magic Kingdom" is going to be like.......

Note: Yes, I made the princess cakes....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday My Precious Babes!

I still can't believe you are four years old. OMG - how did that happen?!?! I never imagined that I'd be wonderng where the time went or how we could stop time. I know I've said it before, but I wish we could just slow it down for a minute! Honest to G-d, I am so glad that I am no longer working!! I love every minute that we spend together and love listening to you girls as you shatter about laughing and asking "silly" questions...

I made a very special birthday dinner on Tuesday, however, we're celebrating their birthday tomorrow with a big party! Code for food, friends, presents, and of course cake! Mommyy made all the cakes (four!!!). They are so cute and I know the chickies will love them. Everything these days is "Cinda-brella" - you can see where this is going! I will post pictures, but after the party....Here are a few pictures of the chickies for those of you who need your "fix". They are the cutests in the land, and as sweet as pie! Enjoy.......