Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello! I'm back. Ok, everyone had so many different views on private and public education. But, what I've realized is that I too have had a change of heart. What, you say - you who is always so firm with your decisions?! Yes, I have. Let me explain my thought to you. It's no secret (I don't think!) that I we are trying to leave the greater DC area (interpret northern Virginia - with a heavy accent on the "naawthen vaaa-gin-ya part!) so that we can be closer to the beach family. Yeah, that's right... .family.
What I have discovered in my house hunt is, not all schools are as stellar and fabulous as what we take for granted in northern Virginia. I know - shocking isn't it?!? Anyway, if we were to land in one of the three areas we are considering, private education maybe in the chicks future. ON the plus side, all the communities we are considering have a big Jewish community, and therefore have Jewish Day Schools. Yea. I'm all happy. Now on to my new obsession - Morocco!