Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Don't Tell Anyone...

We were watching (me) the telly this evening.... more importantly American Idol. I was doing what I do so well, commentating, (on, clothes, signing..etc. etc.) when I had to comment on Chris's shoes. Had to.

Me: "Those shoes do not match his outfit".

Jeff: Blank stare and total silence.

Me: "Well, what do you think"? "And who do you think is going to win"? "Who's your fav"?

Jeff: "I don't have a favorite, and I can't believe you just said outfit".

Me: "You don't"?

Jeff: "No. I don't want anyone knowing that I watch the show".

Me: "Is outfit not cool"?

Jeff: "No".

Me: "Are you saying I'm not cool"?

Jeff: "Yes".

And I thought I had it all going on. ha ha. My poor girls. Their mommy is so not cool.......


Sophie's Mom said...

Ha ha! You know what's not cool? My mother refers to underwear as UNDERPANTS! I remember school shopping with her as a child, and her saying so loudly (it seemed), 'Christine, the underpants are over here!' A friend of mine was somewhere in the store... I was horrified! :) :)

So, 'outfit' - perfectly acceptable. ;)
Sophia's Website

crazylady said...

Cool, you're ubercool...along with many other adjectives... :o)
Jeff is SOOO BOB. Which always means a good thing.
hah. My word verification today is;
nrjyyf which means energy wife.
Now that's you and me both!

Dirk said...

American Idol. Never watched it.

But rest assured. You're WAY cool. said...

Ha ha. Now I can rest. Thanks Dirk!

Diana said...

LOVE American Idol and was echoing Simon's sentiments when Sanjaya got the boot (finally!). Hubby heard every week up until that fatal night (for Sanjaya) and euphoric for me, that if he doesn't go this week I am NOT watching anymore, he is such a LOSER! For Pete's sake I can sing better than him!! I watch American Idol, I say "outfit", but I don't say UNDERPANTS, so I guess I'm not cool. (I can hardly believe that at my age I am still talking about being cool...that's pretty cool though don't ya think?) said...

ok, you are all going to freak.. but I love Sanjaya. No, I don't think he could sing, but I loved his little personality... I thought he was so cute.....