Friday, May 11, 2007

Must get myself a new set of teats

Abbey and I were snuggling last night (a rare occasion with my busy child) and as she looked up at me she ever so gently reached up and twisted my teat! Dang, girl that hurt. Those pups are attached. Note to self: must wear bra when cuddling with Osma Bin Laden! She apparently found some pleasure in it as she let out a little snort.


Jen Magnuson said...

Love the cartoon! Sorry 'bout your teat ;)


tegdirb92 said...

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I'm lovin' your blog :)

Dianne said...

Ouch, my girls used to point at my chest and say baby (twins?)... Yikes, now they know where the stomach is :)
Hey, I haven't been able to email you at the address you left (said it couldn't find it), could you leave it again on my blog?
That's got to be frustrating with the collage showing errors. Right, it should be in a JPG file, so I'm not sure why it's not working... I'll check with my husband- he's my technical ace.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh I am laughing my head off - and, sadly, can relate to your pain! My little one has recently taken to doing belly flops across my chest! Thanks for the laugh!


Sophie's Mom said...

Ha ha! When my son was 2 he came to me, and said, 'smell my finger Mom'. Silly me, I smelled it. It didn't smell good. Then he said, 'It was in me butt.'

Oh - THAT'S what that smell was! Ew!

You should write these things in a journal, I regret I never did. Now my kiddos are 13, 7 and 2, and I'm forgetting the little things!

About the piercing... I talked a lot with Sophia about it ahead of time, and told her it would be a little ouchie like this - and pinched her lobe real quick w/my nails (just a little pinch, I swear!) and then said, and then it's all done! Pretty earrings! I think that helped.

I know you will take pictures for us all to see...
Christine said...


This one almost made me spit up my gall bladder! ha hahahaha. The things they do..