Saturday, May 12, 2007

Then and Now

Mother's Day is upon us and I am anxiously awaiting what's in store for me. *grin*I saw this the other day and had to pass it along. It kind of hit home... In a funny way.


  • hair pulled into chic ponytail -- regular hair appointments--wouldn't dream of missing.
  • stylish bag -- Gucci would be bag of choice.
  • stunning wardrobe---Versace, Channel, Prada-- ok so now I'm dreaming.
  • Trendy Pumps-- I won't go there I spend money on shoes...lots....
  • smells like a parfume factory--- Kinda like a whore house...Coco, Channel, Clairborne, get the drift
  • slit skirt-- nothing showing too much thigh. don't want anyone to get the wrong idea..I am a mommy!
  • bling, bling, and more bling... LOVE THE FLASH....
  • fancy schmancy dinners --- waited on hand and foot served delicious wines by the glass..

  • hair pulled out of ponytail-- err it was eight months since my last "treatment".
  • diaper bag--- complete with "Baby" in big letters.
  • sensible shoes-- anything easy to slip into as I'm always running and usually late!
  • stained wardrobe-- usually wearing the same leisure world outfit (used that word again) days on end. definately stained.....
  • spit-up pants---stretch to boot... got to be able to chase the little monsters in something that moves.....
  • bare beat up hands no bling here just watch and earrings. Saaaadd...
  • slaving over the stove--- although higher quality of nutrition no real glamma here. no one waiting on me....and the wine-- I get myself...
I hope you all have a wonderful mother's day. I know I will.

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Cindy from central NC said...

Happy happy Mother's Day to you. I hope you guys have a lovely day. Ed's promised to me to spoil me all day and wait on me and take care of all baby-stuff things. I plan to lounge around with coffee, NY Times, N&O (our paper down here....) and read good blogs all day. Wish the best for you, too!!