Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What do they eat?

They eat everything. Except beets. I think that may have been my fault. I force fed them beets as babies. Someone told me they would keep the girls regular. G-d knows how they suffered with constipation in China and would cry in pain They won't touch the stuff now. Neither will I!

Anyway, they could just have eaten a five course meal complete with dessert-- but want whatever Jeff and I are eating. They will stand in front of us and beg like Maggie saying "maw, maw" or "pease mommy, pease". Little vultures. ha ha.

Before the girls graced our lives I rarely went to the grocery-- ever. Jeff would say "what's for dinner"? I would reply "get in the car" Ah, those were the good old days. ha ha. There was never any clean up either. Not that that's ever been my problem. Jeff always cleans up. He doesn't like that I use the dishwasher as if it were a garbage disposal. He apparently hasn't figured out I do that so I don't have to do clean up. ha ha

We shop at least once a week now and recently I started ordering groceries to be delivered. My kind of service.....Amazing what I can do with a telephone! I had to come up with another solution because I can't navigate at the grocery store on crutches and push a cart. Thank g-d I'm on the mend and able to get around again with my air-cast.

People ask what the girls eat all the time. There really no different than you or I.... The following is a snapshot of what they eat in a typical week.

  1. Rice--they like rice? uh-duh... Jeff and I like rice too
  2. 14-16 Bananas there are two of them --and they're part monkey. you should hear them do their monkey imitation
  3. 6 pears
  4. 6 apples
  5. bag of white grapes -- keeps them regular
  6. 4-5 mangoes (they had boycotted these at one time too, however back with a vengeance)
  7. 5 oranges-love, love oranges
  8. quart of strawberries ---when in season
  9. 6-8 kiwi's
  10. bag of carrots
  11. can of raisins
  12. fresh broccoli
  13. 2-3Gallons of milk they still get a cup of warm milk in the moring
  14. String Cheese they have appetizers every evening!
  15. 14-16 cups of yogurt "go-gurt"
  16. potatoes---prepared just about any way you can make them
  17. beef, chicken, salmon, shrimp, veal, pork, lamb
  18. pasta
They are the luckiest of all because Ja-Or cooks Thai food for them everyday! I wish I were home everyday for Thai food. ha ha. Instead I'm feasting on some mouth watering frozen dinner. Yum.....


Dirk said...

Freaky, same here. Oh wait, we have twins, too...

Let's see.
- begging for whatever we eat? Check (to the extent of not eating their yogurt but wanting Mama's instead)
- a cup of yogurt each a day? Check
- ridiculous amounts of bananas? Check
- monkeys? Check
- rice? Check
- fruit? well - preferably freeze dried... you should try this; our girls are addicted to freeze dried strawberries
- string cheese? Check
- any form of protein? Check
- pasta? Check-check-check!

Only one thing is missing. Frozen peas. And I mean frozen, fresh from the bag, right out of the freezer. They'll eat a cup of that after a full dinner. And ask for more.

Rony said...

ha ha.. Are you serious? Frozen peas? Now I haven't tried that one yet.

I see you have been to Sen's site. She does not candy coat it!! I love her..... It would be great if the three of us could get together....

Dirk said...

Yes, I am absolutely serious about the frozen peas.

And yes - we've done the twins, twins, twins and a boy thing in California, I'd love to do a twins, twins, twins meeting with you and Sen, too.

We'll be in Disneyland in May... wanna come join us? :-)

Di said...


Thanks for introducing your blog to us. Cracks me up. Your twins are adorable and so precious! Our girls are 3 1/2 and have been home for 7 1/2 months now. Yes, we know all about busy and curious girls. They eat like your girls- love yogurt, bananas, applesauce, chicken enchiladas, & of course, anything we're eating.

Great Blog!
Keep in touch,

Rony said...

It is a bit of an animal house here. A lot of activity. Poor husband is so out numbered......hee hee. Good G-d will his life become hell when they start pmsing!!