Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oh-No. Not them too--future weight watchers

They've already started with the scale. Good gawd and they're not even two!! I know Jeff and I both are a bit obsessed with the scale, (we weigh every morning) however didn't think the girls had us figured out already! I had a freaking cow when the last scale conked out on us! OK, so we love to eat. Lucky for Jeff I like to cook!

They love nothing better than running into mommies bathroom every morning and jumping on the scale. Priorities-sistah. Notice Abbey (cute toes-huh?)our middle weight champ weighing in at a healthy 28.8 pounds at 21 months old? She is 32 1/4 inches tall. I'm not a doctor, (not what I told the ER doctor a couple weeks ago) but I think she is damn healthy. G-d knows she eats just about anything. I've been pretty lucky with the food thing.

Yes, Abbey's p.j's are on backwards.....another Houdini on our hands...say it ain't so.

Katie is our light weight champ. Currently weighing in at
25.8 pounds. She is 32 inches tall at 21 months old. It's amazing to us that the three measly little pounds between the girls feels like 50 pounds . Seriously.

I think Katie felt pretty good about her "weigh-in" today. She seems to be saying--yes mommy I do look hot, and I feel totally sexy. I'm ready for bathing suit weather--let me grab my thong! I think those pilates classes really paid off. Right? ha ha. The new spokesperson for Weight Watchers! Let's hope not.

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