Friday, March 23, 2007

Top Ten things I say in a day!!

  1. What are you doing? ....note: scrambling and running in the opposite direction....never good.
  2. Please stop washing your hands in dog bowl! (they sometimes wash their hair too!)
  3. What does mommy say? in unison "no, no, no!! Nice to know they can actually hear-although they usually act like I speak a foreign language.
  4. Get your fingers out of your mouth. And for that matter your nose!
  5. Leave your clothes on. Leave your shoes on, and for the love of g-d leave your diaper on. (usually in that order)
  6. Stop touching your sister....which never works.
  7. Sit down, sit down I said sit down. (must repeat numerous times before sinking in)
  8. Did you poo? To which the response is always, "no". (of course someone pooed and it wasn't me!!!)
  9. Honey, are you coming home tonight?...complete silence on the other end.
  10. Wine, yes I would love a glass!

There are more... but you get the drift....

I had to add two more because they are such a part what I say ALL day.
#11 "Get outa there". (toilet, pantry, bathroom, dog dish, closet, kitchen drawers...)
#12 I said "no".


searchanddestroytwins said...

Hey I've seen that somewhere before?
Yes, my favorite, "stop touching..(pushing, shoving, hitting) your sister!". That love/hate thing goin' on. If they spend most of the day slap fighting, why don't they just stay away!
Don't cha feel like all you say is a negative: don't, no, stop, get down, forget it...etc.?

Rony said...

Yea, like I said our list are very similiar..... my other favorite is "get out of there" and stop touching mommies computer"! It is non-stop.......

Christie said...

Sounds like my life a year from today. Maybe I'll have that glass of wine NOW! I love your blog. The girls are beautiful.