Sunday, November 02, 2008

USA Love Train....

C'mon, jump on board! I just can't stop thinking it could just work. I'm.An.Obama.Fan. Let me climb up on my soapbox... hold on... almost there... hold on..... ok...whew... for those who are... ummmm... not clear on this. I couldn't be prouder. I want him to be our next President! Did you hear that? And I tell you it warms my heart receiving condescending love letters(that's what they are...right?) from posters telling me in their subtle passive aggressive snide way how I'm the one who is whacked. One commenter so emphatically stressed how stable McCain was, Are you high? Read something so silly to suggest that Cindy McCain was not shallow. Good golly, she gives new meaning to the word shallow! And even stated that the democrats started the "mud slinging". Quite the contrary people. Keep the old angry man away from the button. Please take your blinders off and stop watching FoxNews! It's about as reliable as the National Enquirer.

Let's take a minute and re-cap. Has there been any reported racism incited from the Obama camp? Nope, don't believe so. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Trust me, I'm not..... Or... what...about innuendo's of terrorism?....... Again, no...although John McCain's mouth piece has now linked the republican presidential hopeful to a "man of question... Another upstanding University Professor. Good job Sarah. Keep throwing them our way... Not to mention their repeated cries of socialism. Has their been any reports of Obama supporter's shooting children? Oh, you didn't know about that...yep, one of McCain's deranged loyal supporters....shot a kid for stealing his McCain sign.. Say it with me. Shot. A. Kid. IN-SANE. What about the assassination plot? FREAKS. Wondering out loud "why John McCain has not made a public statement? Could it be that he endorses it?

John McCain and Bible Spice can not be my president! His campaign has been based on so many lies and so much hate it disgusts me! I for one don't agree with his policy's. ANY OF THEM. Besides the fact he's a liar, something his wife confirmed on national televison stating "our marriage started on a tissue of lies:.....Her words... True, I'm pro-choice. I didn't say "pro-abortion". There is a difference. However, I certainly don't want the government anywhere near my uterus! We fought to long and hard for our rights to have some jack-ass take them away. John McCain does not believe in equal pay for women. Tax breaks for big corporations?!? Yeah, I get why they need a tax break. Didn't Exxon just report a RECORD 14.9 billion profit?? They definitely need a tax break. Those poor bastards. What about the middle class, John? And his foreign policy plan is soooo solid. He said himself we'd stay 100 years if that's what it took.... At what cost? John McCain's health plan would tax benefits for the first time ever. But, wait..... what about the 46 million uninsured people? So, in reality he has no plan...... Unlike some of you, I'm not willing to settle for an administration who live in a make-believe world with a rat is in charge sipping kool-aid. The economy is a mess. What's your plan John?! Huh??

Now, think about this with me. Logically. Do you really think so many intelligent, educated people would be supporting him if he were some scary evil person? McCain's supporters are distancing themselves from him as if he had the bubonic plague! Questioning now how he managed to choose a running mate within 3 seconds 15 minutes of meeting. I know there's a g-d and believe with my heart American people will make the right choice. Yes. I'm. Hopeful. But, I also can't help but think back to the election eight years ago when it was stolen. So, yes I'm a bit anxiety ridden. Again. I watch the polls and they're in his favor. I have to believe he will win. I want to believe. Folks, if there was any question, WE live and breath "Rockobama" here! He just has to win........ Go Obama 08!!!!

FYI: I welcome intelligent comments with an email that can be traced. If not, I will reject your comment. This, in the event you didn’t read my side bar is my blog and it’s not always about the girls. It’s about our life, and this is our life. Today, it is about me. Only two more days to go.....

Thank you for your support.

The management.


insanemommy said...

Sorry. I wasn't meaning to tease you... but I was having trouble with the video feed. Seemed to be a glitch in the html code. It still loads pretty slow, but so uplifting worth the wait. The girls and I have been dancing all morning to "Love train".... Not only do I find Barack inspiring on so many levels, but I admire how he and Joe are so connected and in love with their wives and children. Truly passionate.

The girls keep yelling "Go-baaaamaaaa"! So damn cute. C'mon, jump on board. Let's help this man to the White House! We need someone who has a plan. Someone who isn't afraid to tackle the current economic crisis. Get out and vote on Tuesday November 4th! Go Obama --- 2008!

Snowflowers Mum said...

now THAT'S what I call FAMILY VALUES!

That's why my FAMILY is knocking on doors tomorrow night as volunteers for OBAMA!

I'm already on board the love train!

Lets leave the jackarses at the station.

Yoli said...

Tuesday will be here sooner that we know my sweet Rony. I am on the train for change. We deserve a fresh start after years of all this republican bleeding of our nation.

Lisa S said...

You go girl....OBAMA ALL THE WAY!!! and bible spice....LOVE that!!!! She adopted a child and thinks how lucky that child is!!! What??? She was the lucky one to be blessed with that child!!! She doesn't get IT!! Never will!!! God forbid MCSAME gets in ..... It WILL Be ANOTHER 4 years of the SAME!!!! Why don't people get that??? OBAMA!!!!

crazylady said...

Is it hot in here? Or is it just me?

Katie J said...


Mimi said...

Love your soapbox. Hate not voting. *crosses fingers* I don't want McLame to win either.

insanemommy said...

True she did adopt a child. But it felt more like a rich woman shopping for a new baubl at Neiman's! It just doesn't feel right to me. Not to mention her $300,000 wardrobe ensembles. Rubbing that in the face of a nation that is already rocky....

insanemommy said...

Sennie, oh yeah it's hot in here and the temperature is only going to get hotter! I'm nervous as hell as we got fucked eight years ago because of screw up in the voting system. You probably remember the hanging chads.... If four years wasn't bad enough the American people elected the Village Idiot for another four years of torture. I'm so ready for someone who isn't afraid to lead and address the "real" issues.

Carol and Taylor said...

I am so worried its not even funny. Fla finally got rid of the touch screen machines, which was the fucked up system our geniouses chose after the chad fiasco. Now we've got paper again and "bubble in the ballot". However, its my understanding that many jurisdictions still are using the touchscreen technology...i'm so worried I can't stand it.

Luckily, I don't think our man will roll over and play dead like gore did. I think he's prepared to fight the GOP on their own turf if it comes down to recounts.

Pray everyone...pray very hard!

Obama-mama biting her nails in Miami,

Carol and Taylor

Christina said...


Brave Sir Robin said...

I love the "Palin Watch" widget!!

I voted two weeks ago, and I can't wait until tomorrow!

Election night party at my place!


Ellie Monster said...

Ha, ha, ha, Bible Spice!!! That will keep me laughing all day!
It's the final countdown - should we pack our bags for Canada just in case?

Kathryn said...

One more day, just one more day and maybe I can take a breath and this anxiety will be over!!!!!!!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

You go girl... I am with you all the way... I can't vote (I am a resident) but I can shout out 'OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!'

Snowflowers Mum said...

y'know Bill Maher said something that resonated with me last night, he has it right on this one. Why is it that we have our elections on Tuesday when many 'regular' people are not able to get time off work to vote? I think we need to do what they do in other developed democratic countries(oh yes, there are other countries who get it right!)...Saturday voting, paper ballots, #2 pencil. sometimes the simple answer is the right one.

I think early voting is necessary in a country of 300 million people. Waiting 6-8 hours in line to vote is a little archaic if you ask me.

Who on earth thinks this shit up!

my solution

1.early voting as a FEDERAL mandate in all 50 States

2. either make Tuesday a public holiday so everyone can vote or make sure at least on early voting day is a weekend day.

3. paper ballots and a #2 pencil for EVERYONE!


Truly Blessed! said...

Sorry Rony the lone voice of reason is going to respond (even though I tried really really hard to stay away from your soapbox..)

"Please correct me if I'm wrong. Trust me, I'm not..... Or... what...about innuendo's of terrorism?......."

EXCUSE ME? OBAMA'S OWN RUNNING MATE IS THE ONE WHO MADE INNUENDOS OF TERRORISM -- NOT the McCain camp. Joe (I'm a loose cannon) Biden is your guy.

Obama is a smooth talking, persona wearing politician who cannot keep his lies and facts straight. His "plan" to "save" America will bankrupt this nation, and his "plan" to tax the rich has changed so many stinking times that NOBODY, including B.O. himself has any clue what "the rich" means anymore. Down from a million, to half a million, to $250K to $200K (and even lower, according to Biden & Richardson (D) of NM...).

The man (yeah, your Obama) has the worst judgement of anyone in public life as far as choosing friends as close business associates -- if he has such poor judgement in that area, how in the world can we trust him to do what is best for the entire country?

His campaign is all about calling the race card anytime anyone disagrees with him -- how pathetic is that?

No way -- I would NEVER call BO my president. Regardless if the Dems and the ACORN and VOTE NOW! people are able to steal this election by voter fraud (and you KNOW they are all about that! -- and Mr. Big Shot Obama hasn't really come down hard on his overzealous supporters in that regard, has he?).

OBAMA IS THE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG man to lead this country. He's fooled a whole lot of people, but there are some people cannot see through the hype and the lies and the carefully crafted public image. If he is elected, you'll see. I don't think it will take him a year in office to show his true self. That is going to be SCARY and nearly half of the nation (if, God forbid) he wins, will smile sadly and say "I told you so."

Let's see if this post stays since my last one was deleted because I disagreed with you on the subject of Barack Hussein Obama. My email address is (totally traceable).

Newly Nalevanko said...

Love this video! LOVE THAT FAMILY!

kerri said...

Did you see that Palin was punked by some fellow Canadians, LOL.
It is too funny!!!!!

Heather said...

I'm another mama for Obama! We're doing all we can here in the battleground state of Florida to pull this one off!

Melanie said...

Found you through Snowflowers mum and SugarMama. Loved the Bible Spice comment... totally made my day!

Vivian M said...

OMG you had me rolling on the floor with "Bible Spice"!!! Too funny.

Yoli said...

Truly Blessed or in this case Truly Uniformed, please get your facts right before you make another comment here. You are not making your point, you are showing your ignorance.

Truly Blessed! said...

Nope, I'm not "Truly Uniformed" at all -- I have seen through the lies, the hype and all of the mixed messages that BO and his supporters ae telling the American people.

I'll say it again, BO is the wrong man to lead our country. I am NOT saying that John McCain is necessarily the right man, but at least he has a proven track record of representing -- to the best of his ability -- his constituents and has worked to put AMERICA first, not his own agenda.

BO is not to be trusted -- not by a long shot. He's a charmer, sure, but then so was Hitler (and look where that got Germany and the rest of the world). I cannot understand the number of "intelligent" people who are supporting him and haven't questioned his integrity, his friendships and his record. The man has ZERO experience to be leading our country. He should finish out his term in the Senate and learn something before he tries to lead our country. He also ought to get his "plan" straight so that he can be consistent when he is asked questions (although he's got such friends in the media, there's apparently no need to be factual or consistent).

Sorry Yoli, you're the "uninformed"one here, and you'll figure that out someday.

By the way, I won't comment again here, as it's not fair to the hostess to have people trying to hijack her thread. I have to say that I'm a bit surprised that Rony even posted my comment, but she did, and I know it probably wasn't easy for her, but thank you Rony, for letting me say my piece (twice!).

TB (

J said...

I have to agree -- trulyblessed may indeed be blessed, but she is ill-informed if she believes the Obama campaign is the side that's spewing lies. Obama will be a great president and a great world leader. He will restore hope, optimism, and pride to the American people. He will refocus government attention and resources to where they belong -- looking out for ALL Americans, not just those who attend a Christian church, make boatloads of money or own an oil company. He is a great man of admirable intellect, remarkable faith and old-fashioned values. Anyone who believes otherwise is getting twisted, third-hand information from Fox News and Rush Isabigfatidiot Limbaugh. Read Obama's book. You'd be surprised.

While we're at it, please stop spouting nonsense about ACORN -- they've done nothing wrong. Again, if you believe they have, you're getting your info from bad sources.

Last but not least, the "race card." You think OBAMA is playing the race card? Give me some examples of this please. That's the most outlandish thing I've heard lately, and I've heard a lot of outlandish stuff. People are yelling "Kill him" and racial epithets at McPalin rallies, and neither of those two says a word. They are implicity endorsing both racism and racially-motivated violence. It's abhorrent. They and EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN who doesn't stand up and cry foul should be ashamed. Shame on you all.

insanemommy said...

"Sorry Rony the lone voice of reason is going to respond (even though I tried really really hard to stay away from your soapbox..)"

TB -- What is it that keeps pulling you back in to my house of horrors if you're so offended by what you read here. This is not Disney girl. Some people actually enjoy the show...

I don't know where you get your information, but do yourself a favor and stop listening to FOX! Racism? Obama? Seriously. The only racism that has been reported has been from the McRage Bible Spice camp. And neither of them do anything to stop it. They actually encourage it. Palin Inciting racism and hate everytime she opens her mouth. Do you know how far they are setting our country back?! They have opened up deep wounds. Is this what you want to see? Our country divided due to race?? This shit scares me and it should you too. Racism doesn't just stop with African Americans. Our children will be next. It scares the crap out of me.

You wanna know why so many people are supporting Barack? Because they want to beleive. Maybe you have so much money that you don't care, but for a lot of people they're having a tough time just making ends meet. So, what's so bad about that? Stop drinking the kool-aid.

As for Barack's past... I would hardly call someone who had a questionable past 40+years ago something to fear. Barack Obama was 8 years old. Think about it.

So, if I understand you correctly the reason you support McRage is:

You support the war?

You do not believe in equal pay for women?

Support oil companies getting gigantic tax cuts?

You support and idiot running our country for YET another four more years?!

Yeah, I totally get that. If I'm missing something here shout it out. Not that it will matter to me, as I haven't read anything that McRage has done yet, although it has been confirmed he has supported Dubya
90% of the time. Now that's some scary stuff.... oh... and don't forget the 400,000++ he gave Khaled, who Palin said was a "bad man"..... may the best man win...

Snowflowers Mum said... does it feel to bathe in self righteousness?

Comparing Obama to Hitler? Wow....thats fresh.

You are a silly woman with blinders on, if you dont think Democrats are smart people then you must also think the BILLIONS of people worldwide who support Obama are also uneducated? Funny, last time I checked, most Obama supporters were pretty damn smart.

Go sell your crazy elsewhere, Rony doesn't need you here.

oh...let me know where to send the garlic and're gonna need them come Wednesday morning!

insanemommy said...


"Late in the campaign, McCain and Palin criticized Obama for attending a 2003 party for Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian-American professor and critic of Israel. But McCain is also linked Khalidi. The professor was a founder of the Center for Palestine Research and Studies, which received $448,000 from an organization McCain chairs."

Yoli said...

Rony don't waste anymore time talking to Truly ill-informed. This is the kind of person that does not have an original thought in her head. In her little mind, if McCain wins, it was God's will and if he looses, well, it was the devil's work. Ignorance, bigotry, racism are the stuff of which she has been Truly Blessed.

Kathryn said...

Lively debating here, but I take offense to using the name of Hitler in the same paragraph as Barack Obama. What kind of nonsense is that!!!!!!!!! I tell you one thing scary about this election, the racism that has been slightly in the closest has reared it's ugly head and the majority of it from the Republican side. It's ugly and ignorant and makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's people like TB that make me realize we still have a long way to go to overcome the ignorance that is so prevalent in this country now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Here it is election day and I am still reading through blogs trying to make up my mind. I am scared to death of what BOTH candidates are possible of....Yet, I will still vote.

insanemommy said...

Actually, I'm a bit surprised by TB's comments being that she professes to be such a g-d fearing christian. You know, Barack Obama has children and I find it so utterly rude that she has tried to destroy his character by continuing to slander him. I see a loving father and husband who's hope is to make a difference. John McCain represents a man who we all know has questionable morals! I voted for "the one" with the morals.

Brave Sir Robin said...


Although I can't imagine anyone being undecided at this stage, let me help push to the light.

Imagine hearing these words:

President Palin.

(I just threw up in my mouth a little)

Nancy, please, don't take that chance.

Snowflowers Mum said...

brave sir...perfectly stated

Nancy....please make a decision, visit both candidates websites, let me tell you...don't vote for the one that makes you feel like you need to shower after being there...let me give you a hint...McHate

Yoli said...

Very well stated Hayley.