Monday, May 07, 2007

What color are You?

Yep. This pretty well sums up me!

What Your Favorite Color Red Says About You:

Ambitious --- Energetic --- Passionate
Spontaneous --- Attractive --- Inspiring
Seductive --- Powerful --- Addicting


Kathy and Joel said...

My favorite color is blue, but the description was nothing like me. Perhaps I need to change my favorite color to something that is more like me. ;)

Jen Magnuson said...

I love the slogan you have for Florida on the blog -- good times ;) And I love the FFF challenge. Maybe if I get a better camera I'll jump in...oh, and you asked me if I needed grape while my mom visits? Nope. Just the three gin and tonics per night that I've been drinkin' since she got here. But at least she gives me blog material, although she reads it so I have to edit, edit, edit. Have a good one, girl!! And if I have a ton of typos, it's the gin and tonics typing...

Cindy from central NC said...

Wise (not enough) --- Aware (try to be)--- Curious (insanely)
Intellectual (maybe some)--- Logical (oh yep...big-time)--- Decisive (about most stuff)
Introverted (ha...not for a sec) --- Focused (if only I was better at this...) --- Driven (nah, not like I used to be....)

That was fun!

Dianne said...

Mine is Orange, pretty accurate, but the Loud part.
Thanks for you comments. I planned on getting with you about the collages last night, then American Idol came on :). I have to run now, but I'll try to find some time today.
Great "no, no" post, you're girls look as busy, I mean helpful, as mine ;) Simply adorable!