Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Home Schooling?

I was chatting with one of the girls I work with today when she blurted out that she was home schooling her child. (something about problems with the school and kid) Ummm...(puzzled) I asked. "How can that be"? "I mean you work from 11:00am-6:00pm". Who the flip is teaching the kid? Better yet who is supervising?

Me: "Uh, how do you home school when you're working"?

Worker bee: "Oh, she has all her homework finished before I leave for work". (Worker bee leaves house at 10:00am)

Me: "Well, what does she do the rest of the day"? G-d I could think of a million things I could get into.

Worker bee: "Oh, she watches T.V. or plays on the computer". We watch Nogin in our house. Great education. Well, for a two year old. I don't know about a 16 year old. I'm guessing she's not watching Nogin... The last thing I would want the kid on unsupervised would be the computer!

"Don't you worry about her interaction with other kids"?

Worker bee: "No, she isn't that social". Yeah, that's weird.

Me: "You don't worry about what she's doing all day"? I would be frantic--kid in an empty house all day-- I'm thinking parteee! (I too was young once).

Worker bee: "Oh no she usually sleeps too". Alone, right?

Me: "Yeah, that's normal". Why didn't my mom home school us?

News Flash, we won't be home schooling. I want to know they are someplace where someone is responsible! Not me.....plus I need a break. *wink*


tegdirb92 said...

Homeschooling? I don't have the patience. I use ROCK YOU for my photos http://rockyou.com

Hope you're doing well, Rony and family.

D said...

"Oh, she watches T.V. or plays on the computer" - "no she isn't that social"

Yikes. And the mother who said that thought she was doing her child something good?

Nope, we won't be home schooling, either.

Diana said...

That's just WRONG!!!

crazylady said...

Home schooling? I'd take Little House on the Prairie schooling over that.
Kids need to get away... and make friends and see other sources of authority.
I guess for a tiny population of children, it might be okay, but for the whole, I don't see it working.
I can't recall rational inequations can you?

secret agent said...

MY comment disappeared???

Mom must be in "Little house on the prarie" in her head!!!

Leaving a kid alone in a house with internet access is not wise. EVER!!!

Perhaps she'd become less anti-social with a little socialization.


Beverly said...

That woman is crazy. Has she not seen Dateline's To Catch a Predator? I hope she reads this and sees these comments. What 16 year old doesn't get totally bored and do something else?


Anonymous said...

Hi Rony! I can't believe you were that nice to worker bee...sounds to me like she needs someone to deliver her a clue about parenting a teenager. I don't care how intelligent you are...if you can't harness that and use it productively in a structured way...what good is it?? UGGHH!! Coming from someone who works regularly with homeschool groups...I WILL NOT be homeschooling either. That is too much for this mom to handle.
I'm proud of you for being so diplomatic ;)

Jen Magnuson said...

That just doesn't sound right at all. She should be doing a lot more with a 16 year old. Weird...

Steffie B. said...

Don't think I could home school my little tribe either....THAT just might push me over the edge! lol

Oh, The Joys said...

That IS a strange way to home school.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

I'm glad to hear I wasn't the ONLY one who thought this was weird....


Sophie's Mom said...

You must know that I homeschooled my oldest until the 5th grade, when we just couldn't get along all day together any longer! (She's got a strong-willed personality like me!) She loves public school, and skipped a grade when we put her in, because she was so far ahead. She's breezing through as a high honor student. Not everyone's a 'crazy' homeschooler, but I just don't know how that woman is doing it. Sounds to me like she's not parenting at all, and the thought of my teen at home all day on the internet? I don't think so. I also don't think it's wise to have a computer (or tv for that matter) in a child's bedroom. Just not smart! UGH! You'll have to update us in a few years about how her daughter ran away with a 49 year old man she met on the internet... :(

kerri said...

Is this lady from La La land, 16 year old on the computer alone, watching tv, is it any wonder she is not social. Maybe she is VERY social in all the chat rooms, I'd be scared, very scared(but that's just me). I just hope that some old perv doesn't want to drop over sometime when she's ALONE all day, yikes. Am I too paranoid??

Yes, Minister... said...

Hey, Lurking for a long time and had to post on this one - as we homeschool. I am a certified teacher, and my son was not being academically challenged in the gifted progeam he was in. Home schooling is a full time job and commitment! It is sad that this poor 16 year old is going to the one who really lose in the long run. The Mom is really doing her daughter a dis-service, and I agree with the other comments that mentioned you were too nice in the way you handeled the situation. Someone really needs to give this woman a clue! Next year my son goes back to school - check out my blog - you'll see I'm counting the days :-D