Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Nights of Radanthe almost.....

What involves mouth watering food, great dialogue, mommy juice, nudity, speeding tickets, spills, laughter, and tears?! No, not me doing a burlesque. Although that would bring a tear or two. Somehow I can almost hear the chants now, "put it on, put it on, oh g-d please put it on"! However, if I stand stood on my head I think everything would look great. Not that I would know....Vacation of course! AND no, again it was not me doing an act of seduction as much as it was the chicks. They were brave. Not only did they disrobe but they jumped in the freezing pool laughing like Michael Phelps! Lucky for me Mai was not afraid to get in to the frigid waters. As cold as it was I had to finally pull them from the polar waters kicking and screaming.

Those who know me Really. Know. Me. know my love of the ocean. I was looking forward to a final hoo-raa beach trip before the bitter winter were upon us in Washington. This was gonna be some trip. The. Best. One of my favorite twinny mom's had invited us to join them and many of their friends to share a house big ass mo-foo kick ass house in Corolla, North Carolina for a week of fun in the sun. Which would forever be known as "The Nights in Rodanthe"! This house had two of everything. Two refreigerators, two ovens, two dishwashers AND two set of twins, it did not only just have two bedrooms but nine plus 8 + 2 1/2 baths and a huge theater room plus hot-tub.... and oh... my... g-d... and the El-eeeeee-vaaaa-tor..... and so much was Un- be-liev-able.

But... well... there always seems to be a but. Exactly halfway there we stopped for a pee break. It was a much needed "mandatory" break as my eye balls were floating and my expandables were stretched to a thread. Note to self; do not drink a gallon of coffee before a road trip and then continue to guzzle! Anyway, I noticed sweet thing was a bit wobbly as he strolled out of the can. Not only did he look faint but his breathing was rapid and he was pale. After I twisted his arm much persuasion he handed me the keys and I drove the the rest of the way. It did not occur to me to ask him if we should turn back. He would spend the remainder of our trip in the bed without so much as a nibble to eat. Sucking on water and ginger ale. I asked at one point if his life insurance was current. ...of course I was kidding....He was one sick boy. Unfortunately we wold not know how sick until after we returned home.
It was amazing how well everyone got along. There were singles, Josh, and Jimmy-- not to be mistaken for a couple -- they weren't! Grandparent's Lloyd and his darling partner Kathy, Lloyd's daughter Melissa and her amazing husband Jason (awesome cook!) and their beautiful blue eyed baby Thad, and of course Cindy and Ed and Sammie and Nickie and Sweet thing and me and Mai, and Abbey and Katie and the best part.... New friends! The food was out of this world. Restaurant quality. Everyone volunteered a turn in the kitchen creating something new and fantastic for all to salivate over at dinnertime. Those who weren't on kp duty would pull up a bar stool wine in hand and watch as something succulent unfolded before our eyes. No surprise, there was never a morsel left over. Oh, my. We dined on Italian, Greek and Mexican... oh... and the wine.....the wine.... the wine..there was always a bottle open and there was always a glass to be filled. And the was rich. We never ran out of anything to talk about. Although the upcoming election was topic of discussion. The. Topic. Of. Conversation! Hard to imagine so many of the same mind set all under one roof. Wow.

The little girls picked up where they left off. Running through the house screaming "Abbeykatie, Abbeykatie" and "Sammienickie, Sammienickie" as if that were each of their names! Ok, so it wasn't sunny, and it was cold as shit...we had to make a run to the local tourist shop for sweat shirts...and sweet thing was so sick he barely enjoyed it.... but it was so awesome to have met so many unbelievably great people. I truly will treasure it forever. I hope we can do this again next year, and include Annie and her klan. It was just too fun! I hope you know how special you are to me!

But before we would get home I too would be pulled over by one of Carrituck counties finest. He did not buy the line that my sweet thing was dying! We were not kidding. But, apparantly he gets that a lot and was not amused. What I discovered was law business in Carrituck must be a bit peaked this time of year as I recieved 10 advertisments from law firms offering to represent me in court! They warned against ignoring the fine. Like I'd do that! lol.. But I certainly won't be needing representation, nor will I be driving four hours to appear in court for a 150.oo ticket. We paid it on-line and I promptly returned all their print mail "return to sender"! Bwahahaha!

Update: Sweet thing has been back to the doctor's three times since returning. He and his doc are on very friendly terms as our doc now refers to sweet thing as "Mr. G". I cracked up when I listened to the message. Anyway, the poor guy has been poked so many times you'd think they would know what is wrong with him. What we do know. His liver count was alarmingly high. (over 600++ norm is 30-40) Our doctor called himself to discuss the results. He told sweet thing he was concerned and he needed to run some more tests. They re-ran the tests and they were still through the roof. He is scheduled for more test and an ultra sound next week. None of this is related to the original illness.


Sharie said...

What are you going to do with that guy! Hopefully they figure out quickly what's amuck and get him feeling better soon!

Looks like a fabulous trip. WHAT a house. Love the skinny dipping;)

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, My.................. first... you are toooooo much! What a picture you paint. lol I am so sorry hubby is sick! What a time he has had lately. I will lift him up in prayer my friend!!!
What a wonderful trip! The girls and their mama are just beautiful!
So glad you had fun, sorry sweet thing didn't get to enjoy! What a trooper!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay.. first of all.. I sure hope they figure out what is going on with DH... Sorry he had to miss out on all the fun...
LOVE the pictures..
And what an amazing time you had..
Anyone that gets the pleasure of being around you for a week.. will LOVE YOU to pieces..
Hugs girly..
Have a Great week..
And the girls outfits are always soooo darling..

Heza Hekele said...

Looks like an awesome time. Nothing like good friends to re-charge the soul.

I hope sweet thing gets better real soon.

Christy said...

That poor sick sweet thing!!! How bad his luck has been-- it is so sad :( I hope his tests come back perfect the next time.

What a fun time with some great friends. Im sure it was just amazing and it sounds like something I would have loved to be at-- good wine, great food and great conversation-- AWESOME!!!!

Great pictures and the girls look adorable!

Christy :)

Karen and Bob said...

Looks like you had a fantabulous time!

About sweetthing...remember I wrote you about the high liver enzymes when my gallbladder went amuck? And no signs of gallbladder issues on the ultrasound days after the attack? Have they ruled that out completely?

Mr.Brian said...

I'll be praying the Doc soon finds a solution to the problem.Hope he is back to his sweet self soon.
Sounds like the trip was good despite a sick hubby.
As for the ticket, were you trying to break the sound berrior with your vehical????That would have been a hard one to pay.
Hope your week is as great as you are!!!!

Mimi said...

Sounds like you had quite the adventure. I hope the hubs feels better soon.

Sam said...

I hope your hubby gets better soon! That's some scary stuff!!!

Looks like you had a wonderful time on vacation! That house was HUGE!!!! I love the photos of the girls!

Julie said...

Make sure they test him for Hepatitis A.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hey sweet thing... hope you are feeling better soon... I don't know if it is a good thing I am calling your sweet thing... sweet thing... hahahaha... love all the shots... looks like it has been a ton of fun...

Sagent and Bess said...

Very scary Rony.......I hope he's ok.
mine coughed up a wad of blood one morning
and I quickly verified the life insurance
then called the dr.
He was fine.

Lauren and Ed said...

You missed your calling as a writer!!!! Love the booty shot, and hope everything is okay with hubby.