Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You got what?!?!

"Mommy, you want some juice too"???

"Olympic hopefuls"??

Rounding girls up tonight for their bath I had to laugh. They are funny, funny little girls. They love telling me about their day and what they did. What they learned. Where Mai took them to lunch. Oh, yes. Lunch out. Don't be hatin! Lol. Make no mistake ....Mai does not take the precious little princess's to McDonald's. No way. They dine at our local Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants. Lol. Such little ladies too. Sipping their soup like pros not slurping like some adults do. Their regular treks to the library now and story time! Although Katie cried. Ahhh. She is still my tender child. Anyway, another snippet of a conversation with my chicks tonight.

Me: C'mon girls, bath time"

Katie, "Cuz we're durty mommy"?

Me: "Yep, dirty, dirty, dirty"!

Katie: "Cuz we have bugs in our hair"?

Me: laughing "Umm, no... no bugs in your hair silly girl".

Abbey: "No Katie, cuz we got crabs in our butt"!

Me: "Hello. Nooooo, you don't have crabs in your butt"..... I hope......they don't..........what next?!

Ok... gotta go. My girl is delivering her speech endorsing our next Commander in Chief! We can hope............


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the conversation..
Crabs and bugs.. what else are you teaching those pretty little girls...LOL..
Have a Great Week..
Glad you updated pictures with such cuteness.. they are the best dressed girls around..
Love the headband with the adorable yellow polka dot bikini.. and the headband with the cute little outfit..

kerri said...

Adorable as always, LOL, love the bug and crab talk, sounds like the monkeys tub talk, yeesh...

Mr.Brian said...

Where do kids come up whit this stuff????
Maybe they heard someone call someone else a crabby pants,hence the crab in the pants???
Or they are just going to be nuts like their mom is.
Yeah I think that maybe is it.LOLOLOLOL!!!
Love ya dear.

Mimi said...

where on earth do they get these things? lol. this made me cry I was laughing so hard.

Lauren and Ed said...

I want to hang out with the girls and Mai too. Can they take me out to lunch? Any more prospects on the move to FL? My hubby is going to the FL game this weekend!

Sharie said...

Have to share a funny story. When I was a Junior in college my dad bought me Hermit Crabs for my dorm room.
I went back to school on Monday and was eating in the BIGGEST dining center on campus when someone asked what I did over the weekend.
I pronounced in my not so quiet manner, "I got CRABS this weekend!"
You could have heard a pin drop...I quickly realized what I'd said and yelled Hermit Crabs, Hermit Crabs - but it was too late, people had gone back to eating.
So, when I read what your girls said, this memory came flashing back and I died laughing...Thanks!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh My............ tooooo funny!
Where do they come up with this stuff. lol
I love you friend but I am praying you are mistaken on the next comander in chief.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Those girls just crack me up... crabs???? I thought that Abbey was going to mention something about a pet crab or something but in their butts... hehehehe

crazylady said...

That made me LOL. And for the record, I would have said, "oh yeah, your hair is infested with bugs and they're going to eat your skull, so get back here".

As for crabs in the nether regions... I won't touch that. Literally.

Steffie B. said...

Too funny.....they come up with the cutest things!

Heza Hekele said...

Loving the Katie and Abbey-isms. The best part, at this age, is that half the time they don't know how funny they are!

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Funny and cute conversation.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Hope your having a WONDERFUL long weekend..
Miss ya..
Love ya girly..

mommy24treasures said...

sweet as pie:)They are getting so big!

Hey I take it as a compliment you would think my images are as good as Deb's!;)
She is a wonderful photographer!

Dianne said...

They're getting so big, and funny. What social butterflies, & great pics!
bugs & crabs, what's next? They crack me up.

Lori said...

Hi Ronni!! I haven't stopped by in the longest time!! Your blog looks great, I love the picture of you...you look as gorgeous as ever with that fab haircut!!!
Your girls are soo cute! I would ask where they come up with this stuff, but I already know that! lol
I hope you are doing well and enjoyed your summer! :)

taylorchloejake said...

They have the funniest conv! They sound like so much fun! I bet there's never a dull moment at your house.

I'd love the info on the twins in Portland! Do they have a blog?

And about the babyproofing, I think I may just try and get away without doing all the kitchen stuff and work on my meanest "noo"!!

Have a great weekend!


Amie@HeartSmiles said...

stumbled across your blog...

OMGoodness that is flippin hilarious. What fun you must have in your house!


redmaryjanes said...

I'd vote for your girls to be our next commander in chief, that's about how much faith I have in either of our choices.

Cindy from central NC said...

Hi Girl. Great great pics of the two little gymnasts. Oh, they are so cute. I cannot wait to hang out with you guys at the beach in just 2 more weeks!!

Yay! Hope you are well.

Hugs hugs,