Saturday, May 31, 2008

Catch up...

  • Summer is not even here and the craziness has already started. *snicker* I'm not a fan of bullets but here goes.

  • We spent Memorial Day weekend in the Shennandoah mountains at the Mcghayville Resort with Jeff's dad, step-mom and extended family who all drove in from Florida. Our version of the Brady Bunch. "His, hers and theirs". His step brother and his wife were there with their two children, Matthew (6 years old) and Molly (same age as Katie and Abbey). The kids all got along as if they'd known one another forever even though it was there first time meeting. And as a bonus we got to celebrate Jeff's brother's 20th birthday at a really cute Italian restaurant in town. We had such a great time. Made me miss Florida that much more. Note to self: must force sweet thing to see things my way....miss the ocean.....

  • We all had scheduled doctor appointments this past Tuesday. Eye check ups for the hurricanes, physical for daddy, and me, well I got to see my "ladee doctor". My most dreaded doctor visit of all! I don't know why I haven't had a complete hysterectomy with my gynecological history. I really thought at one point she was extracting the one ovary I have left! AND I could have squashed her head with my thighs when she whispered "this is going to be a little uncomfortable"! I swear to g-d I had tears in my eyes. Gads talk about painful. Anyway, although we've always known it was a possibility that little miss Abbey would eventually be wearing glasses, it appears as if it could be much sooner than planned. We have a follow-up visit in 6-months and at that time they will determine if she needs to be wearing glasses. Fun. Fun.

  • Sweet thing and I celebrated yet another anniversary. Number 8. The bronze year. This after all of us spent the day at the doctor being pocked and prodded. However, much to our surprise Miss Mai offered to watch the girls so that we could spend a quiet evening out celebrating alone. Apparently even my strong protesting couldn't shake her stubborn plan. I was concerned that she would be missing school. But after she reminded me she only had two weeks left AND she had never missed a day of school I agreed reluctantly. I had already planned on preparing a special dinner for the family, but a quiet dinner out with sweet thing, well it was awesome. She is a gem! Sweet thing and I milked it for all it was worth with drinks, dinner, dessert, and cappuccino. AND the best part. No interruptions!

  • I barely beat sweet thing home from work the other night, which meant that I needed to walk Mag's. I didn't think anything about the diarrhea she had, but it was after we got back in the house and I realized she had gotten sick all over the house. The worst part about it was that if I did not know about her bad belly I would have thought she shit all over the house. Worse yet, did I mention sweet thing was not home so that meant I had to clean it up. I didn't think anything about my comment of "g-d damn it Maggie" that I must have said 100 times over as I was scrubbing up the mess or the fact that I kept saying "this is total crap", BUT I then heard a little voice behind me chanting "crap damn it Maggie, crap damn it"! I stopped dead in my tracks paralyzed. Uh-oh. I was so busted. Gotta clean up my potty mouth and now! lol. To make matters worse in the middle of cleaning up the mess sweet thing called to ask what I wanted for dinner! Yes, I appreciated the thoughtfulness, but everything around me smelled like shit. To make it even worse it looked like a thick brown gravy that smelled like shit! It took everything I had not to hurl as I cleaned up the gooey mess.

  • My little hurricanes are weeks away from turning three. Three. Years. Old. I look at them and don't know where the past two years have gone. I sat and cried the other day looking back at photos of them as babies. I can't believe they are no longer babies. They have such cute personalities. Not to mention their adorable little squeals and giggles. My little sas mouths. lol. They bring me the most joy of all. I can not imagine life without them.

  • Two of my dearest friends are overseas bringing their children home. Both are neighbors, well, Marianne was a neighbor but unfortunately moved.... Out of state. Anyway Marianne is in Albanian meeting her darling boy. I know her heart will be heavy having to leave him until they return. I'm thinking about you girl. I can't wait to meet little Andri. AND my neighbor Christine is in China brining Evie home. G-d we can not wait! I wish you were here now but I know you wanted baby Evie to meet your parent's before returning to the states. We love you all. It has been a good week afterall. :)


Nancy said...

I had my 'girlie' appointment too this week. That and the boys all had yearly appointments and shots. There were 6 shots given between 3 of us.

Sophie's Mom said...

Dog diarrhea is the worst! I've been there, girl. On white carpet, too!

Sorry about the 'ladee' appointment. Those are not fun. I have a tipped uterus, and every time I remind him, and he says, 'wow, it is really tipped!' "Yeah, duh." Ouch. What's worse is that a lady nurse has to stand by the male doctor and look at my va-jayjay. Hate that. I call it my 'bumper jack' appointment. :)

Do I see a big birthday party in your future? 3's a big deal you know...

Jewels of My Heart said...

So much info my head is spinning... lol Love all the pics.. the girls are so darling. Glad you had a wonderful time on your vacation.
Glad your Dr.s appt. is over.... I am far behind on mine.... UGGGG
Poor pup...... it wasn't her fault... I am the official poop and barf picker upper around here, spider killer, etc. That is just not right! Now.... do you need me to send you a bar of soap for your mouth MOMMY?!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have but I was giggling because I could just hear her chanting those sweet words.... ROFLOL My little sweetine who hardly says 3 words, heard Daddy saying Butthole last night and she said it a few times.... LOUD and CLEAR! UGGGGG Daddy was in trouble. lol
Love you friend

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Yep Missy... that potty mouth is going to get you in deep shit - whoops... did I just say that... hehehehe... before you start throwing out the 4 letters words you had best look behind you... glad you had a nice anniversary too... I haven't forgotten you... I have been busy, busy and yep... spent my 2 days off work in the Florida heat (hey I had spent 9 days working - indoors)... got the tan... did I say that? Didn't mean to make you jealous... hehehe... love to you all and smooches to the girls... will talk soon... take care...

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

You have been busy..
Okay.. First of all...
Love the pictures..
Poor little Mags.. I don't know how you cleaned it up though. I wouldv'e been hurling..LOL..
Cograts on 8 Years... you are amazing.. Glad you and DH got to spend some quality time..
Sounds like you have been having lots of fun..
Glad Dr. visit went okay. Have a Great Week.
Love ya girly..
(Third picture: that little shirt is soooo darling...)

Rony said...

Anyone notice I'm the ONLY one with a drink!! lol... The gorgeous tutu's were made by my dear friend Daleea from Jewels of my heart. I bet if you sent her an email she would make them for your little girly girls. They are custom made and fit the girls beautifully. *hint*hint**

Mr.Brian said...

Yeee gads, so much info.Sounds like you are always on the go as is your dog!LOLOL Nothing worse then dog pooh to clean up.
I love how the little gals were repeating mommmie talks.Yeah I guess it is time mom cleans up her talk unless she wants the girls swearing in preschool.Not that no kid ever has.LOLOLOL
I always love hearing kid stories, makes me always have a good laugh.
Thanks for the fun post,made my day.

Ellie Monster said...

Reason #4,857,931 that I believe I would be a bad dog owner: inability to teach a dog to puke/poop in the potty.

I almost peed myself when I read that little voices were following mommy's lead on the potty speak. Those cute little sponges!!!

kerri said...

Deja vu, the dog threw up on the floor on Thursday and I think I might of said some time out words and I am going to have to stand on the spot for 43 minutes , so I have been informed, have to clean up my act. Maybe we can start a support group, LOL.

Steffie B. said... are just one busy little tribe aren't you?!?!?!?

Lisa M. said...

LOOK at them! So adorable. I swear, Rony they grow up so fast it is mind blowing. Sounds like a glorious gown up dinner date, glad you and the hubs could steal some time away.

Gail said...

Yes Miss Grace will repeat what comes out of my potty mouth too. Usually happens in the car when someone pulls out in front of me. I try to be good, but can't help it sometime.
Gross dog poo clean-up, eewwww! I sympathize with ya. yuck.
Your little hurricanes are growing up so quickly...the time goes so fast.
Have a great week!

Noemi said...

I soo needed this laugh today! Ugh can you say I hate going to visit my Lady doctor!

Love the pics of the girls. Yup and you are so right that potty mouth will get at you!

Have a great week!

Julie said...

I need a nap after reading all that!

Oh how I love the sponge mouths! I missed the turn for Vacation Bible School this am and without thinking said "shit shit shit". At once Mae started singing "shit shit shit". We had to have a little why you should not say that word talk as I drove around the block to drop her off at CHURCH!!!
Thankfully we are Episcopalians.


Julie said...

I need a nap after reading all that!

Oh how I love the sponge mouths! I missed the turn for Vacation Bible School this am and without thinking said "shit shit shit". At once Mae started singing "shit shit shit". We had to have a little why you should not say that word talk as I drove around the block to drop her off at CHURCH!!!
Thankfully we are Episcopalians.


Julie said...

I need a nap after reading all that!

Oh how I love the sponge mouths! I missed the turn for Vacation Bible School this am and without thinking said "shit shit shit". At once Mae started singing "shit shit shit". We had to have a little why you should not say that word talk as I drove around the block to drop her off at CHURCH!!!
Thankfully we are Episcopalians.


cougchick said...

gorgeous creatures, those two.

damn. crap. Maggie.....teehee.

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Anniversary! The girls look great.
I have started a new blog and it needs you. Come and check it out and let me know if you'd be willing to be linked.

Qiuqiu's parents said...

I love to see the girls enjoying the summer they're growing!
Sorry about your uncomfortable doctor visit. I too deserve a hysterectomy, but I'm in denial. I'd rather suffer, apparently. I hate surgery.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

What an awesome catch-up post. It sounds like you guys had a blast over Memorial Day and I love the pics of the girls. Don't you worry, Abbey will look beautiful in her new glasses and so smart to boot (not that she doesn't already look so smart). I can't believe the girls are almost 3! Holy cow time flies. Your princesses are just beautiful Rony. Hope you and hubs had a great anniversary and at least you have another year before you have to go back to the Dr. YAY!


Snowflowers Mum said...

hey, long time...thanks for the bullets, right now thats the only way I can get caught up with is mighty crazy!

We celebrated 8 years's a fun one, had no idea it was the bronze anniversary, does that mean I can buy a bronze knome for the front steps?

just you wait three is SASSY!

Our Red Thread Journey said...


We were in the process of moving and I just got your note. Eddie doesn't work for the airlines. He works for a local school district. I WISH he worked for the airlines. I think we are going to have to mail ourselves to China if prices don't go down...