Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What makes you tick?

I don't know about you or not but I'm tickled to death to resume to my regularly scheduled programs. I know I will. Yes, I'm a T.V. addict and proudly admit it. Although I love blogging and find it therapeutic it can also be grossly time consuming and challenging to come up with new and fresh material each day at the expense of holding your interest. But my research reveals that the WGA membership will be voting on whether to end the strike. Cross your fingers......

I know some of you think you know me. But how well? It's no secret that I can be umm how do you say it delicately, an OPINIONATED beeotch who is passionate about her beliefs and the twinkies. Nah. But I also have little ticks that bug the shit out of me. Pet peeves. I'll admit I'm a little (hush Sen) O.C.D. For fun I'll list mine and in turn you leave things that make you a little nutty or freaky. Think of it as therapy. But free. This time...

I hate, hate, hate cars that tailgate. To send a message I clean my windshield while driving 50+mph. That's right. Throwing water on the clean black car behind me. Guess who slows down?! I'm sure they were cussing up a storm too.... Bwahahaha me with a sheepish grin on my face. Lesson learned.

People who drive in the passing lane and turttles are passing them in the right lane. Move over.

The toilet paper MUST roll over and not under on the ring. If it doesn't no matter where I am I will change it. Beware Sam I'm coming.....

I have a rule at my house. Clothing that needs washed has to be turned right side out before going in the dirty clothes basket. Meaning SC (sweet cheeks) turn your skivies right side out or else momma folds them the way they come out of the dryer. I ain't your maid. Teaching the girls to do the same...

All cans and boxes in the pantry must be facing the same direction. And food in the refrig is stored according to category. Meaning milk on one shelf, yogurt on another, and momma's juice in the "special" place. Dont' mix it up. I like my stuff neat and orderly.

I only use wooden hangers. Yeah, I like my woods. *big grin*

I can't go to bed until everything has been picked up and put away. Including the children.

I am fanatically about my annual mammograms and gynological visits. I never miss.

Bed has to be made every morning. My house, my rule.

I can't leave work until all phone calls have been returned, and everything on desk is put away.

I am fanatical about my feet. I schedule a pedicure every two weeks. Even in the winter.

Although I like a clean house, I detest cleaning. No surprise there! Baby Katie is taking after her momma... oh bother.

Creeps me out men who wear necklaces and bracelets. Too Miami Vice for me.

I feel the same about women too
. Don't need to wear ALL your jewelry on the same day--Mrs. T.

Big ole honking fake nails. Screams 80's for me. Bet that surprises many of you....

Ill behaved children. AND Parent's who don't parent. Ugh.

Hannity and Combs
. OMG. Could they be anymore one sided on their views.

Ok... tuning in to A.I. love the dude from Buckhead, Ga. Hot!


sweet-P's Mum said...

ours are similar...although my feet, my poor feet...pedicures maybe twice a year.

My big per peeve makes my dh gaffaw...I hate hate hate it when people dont put their headlights on when it's raining or snowing! Seriously...who does that...HEAPS of people dont do it...I flash my lights at them, Mike calls me the headlight police.

also hate necklaces and bracelts on men...watch is all they need.

I like your work ethic...there should be more people like you.


Chinazhoumom said...

Things that are a pet peeve - how much time to you have...

Yep I am the pantry police - like the labels facing out - and order - do you hear me ORDER - that way at a glance - I know just what I need to buy or if running low - Makes sense right!

I like my empty hangers organized in one area in the closet - I am teaching K to do the same - again - order - when I need hangers - I can walk in - grab em and off I go to hang something up - no rummaging.

I have areas in my fridge as well -
Diet coke ALWAYS goes in the same place - margarine another yogurt another - seeing a little ocd - yep- oh bother...

Well could go on- but I am sure there is something that has to be picked up prior to bedding down!

Sleep well-
Carol in FL where there is NO snow!!!

kerri said...

Necklaces or braclets on men, no, no thank you!!
Turn signals, they are there for a reason people!!
People that cut into lines.
Lack of table manners at meals.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Dear.......
This could be bad my friend..... I do understand many of your peeves. I agree with some of them... HOWEVER..... you are quite mistaken on one VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE! The toilet paper MUST ROLL FROM THE BOTTOM..... BOTTOM..... BOTTOM...... However you did make Jeremy's day as this has been an argument of ours for almost 15 years..... But I am the queen of my domain and I say...."BOTTOM!"
You can't stay at my house.... you won't love me anymore... I am a MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want you to loose respect for me.
Now... how about those people that put back ice trays in the freezer with only 1 or 2 or NO ice cubes in the tray.... oh, how I love my ice maker... I don't want to have to accost someone...
Speaking of T.P. "If there isn't at least One use left on the roll.... CHANGE IT PEOPLE!" When I was working at the bank I litterally would bring out the roll of toilet paper that would have ONE SQUARE left on it and go from person to person, office to office demanding to know who left it like that and if they would be able to wipe themselves with ONE SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In case you haven't noticed... I can be quite vocal about my peeves....

Rony said...

Little Miss Jewel, When I stay (And I will) at your home... I WILL BE CHANGING EVERY ROLL IN THE HOUSE. It's my peeve. I will also have to clean your refrigerator out. Just because that's what I do. As for everything else, put the dirty dishes in the oven (trick I use to do years ago) and all the crap under the couch and beds. I'll never be the wiser. Oh, I forgot to mention I am a bit of a snoop and I have a tendency to look in your cabinet in the bathroom. Remove any "electronic" devices or anything you wouldn't want me sharing with the world! lol. Everything is open to blog about..As Sam is soon to find out.

Gail said...

I think we are cut from the same cloth Rony. I'm a pedicure woman, must make the bed every single day, detest jewelry on men, am obsessive about making the yearly mammo and gyno appointments...but the t.p. must roll from the bottom in this house. :)

Sam said...

TP over the top here! Although with the constant revamp in our home, there are no holders now!!!

Pet peeves: fake British accents (my Mom's a Brit so back off!!); know-it-all people who think they can fix anything but can't; people who are "more" than you (more sick than you, more tired than you, more broke than you...); yo-yo drivers on the highway; my husband when he won't use turn signals in a busy parking lot (Hello! How is that moron supposed to know you are waiting for that spot if you won't signal!!!!); and my Mom's annoying cats (we won't go there)!

See you next week!!! BTW, you aren't allergic to cats, are you?

cougchick said...

Mommie Dearest,

I am a top roller of the TP. I change it at work, at friend's houses, etc. Scary...

Ditto on the male jewelry.

Tivo is my secret lover.

WTF is Hannity and Combs?

Pedi's every 2 weeks? not so much but I wish. Maybe 3 times a year if I'm lucky.

Pantry OCD-ditto.

short nails-I'm a nurse.

MUST make my bed every day. My kids are about 50%. They are getting better with age.

Ditto on the tailgating & turtle drivers

Clothing inside out-um, hello...I'm the only girl. I'm lucky to get anything that doesn't require rubber glove handling before W/D treatment.

Love to get TUBE'd and scootin "Just a little farther down the table"...YEARLY!

I have a fridge all it's own just for the Mommy juice....

Sophie's Mom said...

CONTROL FREAK (cough... cough... did I just say that?) Me too, btw!

TP over the top, yes.

I go to bed with a messy house, and clean it in the morning. Trust me, it will be right there, as no one else will clean it. :)

Laundry? I wash it and fold it just as you - inside out if the need be. I've washed DH's cellphone numerous times, as I don't check pockets, and he knows it. HE needs to check pockets before putting laundry to be washed! Teen daughter does her own laundry.

Pedicure? I've NEVER had one. Yes, you heard right. Now if you want to send me to a spa sometime so I can experience such a thing...

My pet peeves?
Stupid people.
Having to ask multiple times to get results.
Bad customer service.
Parents that are afraid to PARENT.

Steffie B. said...

you are so funny....yes agree that the TP must be on the top. I like to on top....lol.....I bet you do too. So you are going to Canada ahhhhh? Lucky you!

Noemi said...

We have similar pet peeves! LOL TP must be on top! I am also a neet freek. My house has to be in order before I go to bed. If I have cleaned the kitchen and someone puts dirty dishes in the sink I go bezerk...

I will come out of the closet and say that I have never had a pedicure.... I am secretly hoping hubby sends me to a spa as my Valentine's present. LOL

Nancy said...

I don't care which way the TP rolls, I just wish someone else around here would learn to change it.

Pet Peeves - How much time do you have?
Here are a few - I cannot stand clutter, and will throw away anything that has not been used 'lately'.
Laundry must be turned the right side out - will make piles for each child from their laundry and make them fix it if they want it washed.
Laundry MUST be folded by me...noone else will fold it neatly.
Bed must be made before I crawl into it. If for some reason it was not made that morning, I will make it before going to bed.
I have to wash all bed clothes before going on a trip. Have to have clean sheets to return to.

I also do not know who Hannity and Combs are.

Beverly said...

man jewelry is just icky. I can't stand for the toilet paper roll to be not changed when needed. I hate going in to the restroom to find an empty or almost empty roll. Drives me apeshit. I put the damn roll on backwards to piss people off who leave it empty.


crazylady said...

1) what do you mean you're coming to Canada, huh? No hablo espanol?
I'm not ready for that...We don't have toilet paper. And the outhouse is having a reno.
2) Sam, I'm MORE fun than you , nah nah nah boo boo!

3) OCD's "do it" neatly. :)

Funny stuff.

Lisa said...

Too funny! I am a fanatic when it comes to the toilet paper too! It must come from the TOP. If it doesn't, i have to change it. I also have to make the beds every day. I hear you about the parents who don't parent, ugh, it drives me nuts too! We have a lot in common!

Christy said...

What is up with the OCD toilet paper thing. I just dont care. I put a new roll on when it needs a new one and never pay attention to what way it is-- guess I never thougth about it.

Totally with you on the man jewlry thing-- too Mr. T

Hate hate hate slowe drivers in the fast lane or even worst a slow driver in the carpool lane that you cant EVER get around-- it drives me literally insane!!

Have to have my house picked up before bed.

Hate coming home to a mess and when I have a babysitter it drives me crazy when they dont pick up and the house is a mess-- that is part of the payment!!!

I hate being late but am almost always late-- always-- ugggg!!

I hate moody people-- unpredictable- I need to know where I stand at all times.

Cant agree on the Hannity and Combs-- I love them :)

Christy :)

Two Kayaks said...

Mine are very similar to yours. Especially the passing lane one. MOVE!!!!!

E. said...

All things on top - including my TP! Sam, my sister and I call "more" people "toppers" as in "Sally is such a topper" (I don't know a Sally, just using it as an example).
Speaking of the potty, I'm peeved by people who sprinkle when they tinkle then forget to be neat and wipe the seat. I loathe it when my sister leaves the empty pots on the stove when we sit down for dinner. If she cooks, I clean. And she NEVER (ever) puts the pots in the sink before we eat - they sit on the stove and fester for me to clean after we eat.
I am peeved by drivers who FLY by me on the highway (car or motorcycle)when I'm going 80.
Staying in the vehicular genre, my ass becomes chapped when a driver creeps up my booty (again, while I'm going 80), so when I change lanes, they just cruise there or sometimes slow down.
BTW, Rony, I strive to be as OCD as you.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Here I go...
I can't stand people who are on my A** and people in the carpool lane!I will just run them over...
Toilet paper has to be on TOP.. I like it there..LOL..
Clothing gets washed just like it was put in the dirty clothes basket...I am not the maid either.. even though I feel like it..
My house HAS to be picked up at all times.. IF I see any hair from the dogs.. I have to vaccum the WHOLE house..My dh gets soo mad...
ALL beds have to be made in the morning before leaving..
I LIKE to clean.. because I want it done MY WAY... the kids and hubby try on Sat.. But on Monday's I do the whole house..
Don't like necklaces and braclets on men.. except our RED THREAD braclets that all the kids and DH have had on since the beginning of our adoption...
I am not a big jewlery person.. I wear just my diamonds.. (earrings and band and engagement) and of course my red thread braclet and jade from China...
LOVE PEDICURES.. actually the whole family does...
I am a strict MOMMY.. but my children are GOOD kids...
Have a Great Evening..

girl of a thousand blogs said...

I am a slouch at laundry,but I turn it all inside out before washing. Stays new-ish longer, I think.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Happy Valentine's to you all...

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

I'm with ya on the TP roll. But the last time I put anything - and I mean ANYTHING - away before I went to bed was...well....never.
Happy V day sweet cheeks!

sweet-P's Mum said...

May I add my intense hatred for Hannity & Combs...vommit puke spew!

Just throw Ann coulter in there too and my head starts spinning and projectile vomit....

also...toilet paper rolls from the top...even in the royal palaces! so there, rolling it from the back, well that's for the common'ers


Marla said...

Right there with ya on everything except making the bed, and well, I just can't do the pedicure every 2 week thing, but it would be nice. Amen to the wooden hangers and ill-behaved kids!

krj said...

I think you might be related to my oldest sister....

secret agent said...

I can't have trash in little trash cans.....bathrooms must be emptied whenever ANYthing is in them.

I must have white noise maker and loud fan and my pillow in order to sleep

can't have laundry in the hampers......it must get washed (I often forget about it once it's in the dryer) but just so long as it's not in a hamper I am fine.

I don't care about the toilet paper at all!

I hate it when people yawn......especially if they make that clicking/gasping noise at the end
it icks me out.

potty humor.......not for me.

I can't have gunk in any of my fur creatures eyes....drives me nuts/horses included.

I hate people who put their finger in food , then suck it

mayonaise grosses me out as does milk.

I must have 40 projects going on at once or I get bored. (I do finish all of them, no add, just takes 40 times as long

I change my sheets 2-3 times per week. I like fresh.

I think that's it.
pretty boring.

secret agent said...

oh.......nix on the man/pimp jewelery thing
ewwwwwww watch and wedding band only exception.

and men must only ONLY wear Levi's
not tight either.