Monday, July 23, 2007

5 Things Meme

Heather at The Ownes Twins blog has tagged me. I know, is there anything you don't already know about me? Well, in the event you are interested in what makes me tick like a crazed momma here is my list.

Five Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago

  1. Going to the bathroom---ALONE.
  2. Running from a BAD relationship...
  3. Sleeping Late.
  4. Living in Florida and sucking on the juice.
  5. Working Out Don't remind me.
Favorite Snack Food
  1. Wine
  2. Cookies
  3. Cheese and Crackers
  4. Brownies
  5. Wine
Five Songs I Know All the Lyrics To: (you must be kidding... I make up the words as I go along).
  1. Bruce Springsteen Born to Run
  2. Tom Petty Heartbreaker
  3. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  4. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
  5. The Wheels on the Bus
Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire
  1. Donate 100,000 to orphange that cared for our children
  2. Buy a sail boat (A big one-there went the million)
  3. Surprise Jeff(really mommy) with a Porsche Carrea 911 -- his fav
  4. Buy Jeff a Explorer 2 Rolex (I see him foaming at the mouth when he sees one)
  5. Buy Jeff a Paul Reed Smith Guitar--he collects guitars

Five Bad Habits
  1. Speed demon --- 3 speeding tickets this year! First tickets in a gazillion years
  2. Loss of memory ...old age
  3. Short fuse
  4. Not getting enough sleep--stay up reading all my favorite blogs
  5. Pa-tay Mouth! Big time......

Five Things I Like To Do

  1. Sleep--before the girls I never slept--now sooo tired
  2. Shop--- without the girls--otherwise it's done on-line
  3. Alone time under the sheets with Jeff(although this is not as frequent since the babies)
  4. Suck on the grape
  5. Go to the bathroom-Alone...

Five Things I Would Never Wear Again
  1. Mini skirts --- these should be against the law on most--especially if your show casing the "who-who".
  2. Big hair--too much maintenance--bad for the ozone!
  3. Spandex -- g-d how I loved my spandex in the 80's
  4. "Tit" top not appropriate at my age.
  5. Steletoes--back breakers and hard to do jumping jacks in.

Five Bloggers I Tag for This Meme:

Double Lucky,

Secret Agent,

2 kayaks

Heike and Sara

Yes Minister

Stop back and let me know you have posted so I can see your list.

Sorry about not posting all five bloggers. That's what happens to the brain....


Salome's Mom said...

Unbelievable, I am never part of a Meme. Ok, whining aside, I am laughing at the things you would never wear again.


Mr.Brian said...

did anyone else notice she mentioned wine 2 times for her favorite snack food?LOLOLOLOL
No ice cream or chocolate????
You are an interesting gal.
Stay the way you are.

a&mg said...

I always make up lyrics to songs, too. Except I can remember cheesy 80s song lyrics, but can't remember what I had for breakfast.

By the way, is counting one of your bad habits, too? I like the FIVE bloggers you tagged at the end....

redmaryjanes said...

I can't seem to stay on your page, I get flipped to an add. Maybe it's just me...

I totally memorize songs and belt them out word for word. If I had actually useful information in place of all of the song lyrics in my head, I'd be a famous genius. But no, I'm just a Mom singing Def Lepard Photograph.

Lori said...

This is good, I'm beginning to see the real picture!! You were SO the 80's huh??!! said...

I still am.... ha ha. It was a wonderful fun time.

nikki said...

I am a total 80's girl too -- so I can relate!

I also enjoy the fact that you consider wine to be a snack food...what is your favorite?
I enjoy Pinot Grigio...

BTW, regarding your last comment on my blog...I am signing Lily up for dance class, not Preschool...that won't happen till NEXT year (I am sooo not ready for that yet).

Steffie B. said...

you already know I am an 80's wine and big hair!

As far as the drama......don't worry's nothing Sarabi can't handle! ;)

Jewels of My Heart said...

Great list.... you always make me smile...

Jewels of My Heart said...

Great list.... you always make me smile...

kris said...

FINALLY. I can post a comment. Your site's been giving me hell for some reason. Shut me down one day. Must be cuz you're sizzlin' hot lady.

Anyway. Liked this meme verrrry much.

Sophie's Mom said...

Oooh... we know just a little more about you. Very interesting. Bring back the 80's! said...

My site is giving me fits lately! I could just scream.....

Mark & Michelle said...

A little slow here, but what is a tit top?

A million dollars really isn't enough is it??

Yes, Minister... said...

UGH ~ You tag me when I am but ugly sick :D I loved your list!!! said...

Oh, minister I'm soooo sorry you're sick, BUT you're not off the hook!