Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yester Year -- The 90's!

Let the heckling begin. This is a step back in time. The year was 1992. Ah, a good year-indeed.
I've done a lot of things and yes, sadly I've even been auctioned off like a slab of fresh meat! True. All for a good cause. Of course.
What's even more amusing I was one of the highest bids! He must have really wanted me. In my hay day
I was a pretty "hot"commodity. Stand in line and take a number. I can't believe it that I actually got a thrill (insert poking eye out now) and enjoyed the glitz and glamour of a formal black tie event and all the blah, blah, blah that went along with it! The endless primping to have every hair in place. I actually reveled in it. Not anything I would consider today. Come to think about it I'd rather have a root canal. Too Schmancy for my "juicy wearing bum". I had been asked to donate my body for a fund raiser --Bid for Chicklette's. I was recently divorced. The ink had had barely dried on the paper . This is me with my sky high aqua net hair extensions (yes, yes I spent hours at the beauty shop to get that look and obscene $$) with my date for the evening(no he was not an escort-yes we were just friend's!)---"hot" divorced neighbor and no I don't know if he's still single. I imagine he was removed from the party circuit rather quickly and taken straight to bed. Anyway that's me dancing (with a drink in my hand?) with the oh-so famous no names mentioned--still single last I heard never been married get your hooks into bachelor of the year who bought my treasure chest!

What did he buy besides moi? My envy of all consisted of:

Complimentary free air fare (compliments of CAL) to the Dominican Republic. Another playground favorite but preferably while there is no coup attacks.

Complimentary one week stay at friends home in Dominican Republic with housekeeper and cook to boot. Neighbor's to Oscar De la Renta. ooh-la-la.

Complimentary one week stay at friends home in St Thomas perks of working the gold class line for CAL. Customer's were always throwing themselves at me.

Case of Kendal Jackson. Loved my wine back then too-hooked up with wine distributor.

20-Complimentary restaurant gift certificates to the cities top dining facilities. Dined in all of them.

Complimentary hotel accommodations anywhere in the USA--compliments of ex-husbands employer. ha ha. I was shameless. I was not going to be outdone by local radio persoanlity-. I was highly competitive. Still am.

Complimentary Zoo passes friends with the infamous zoo director-T.V. personality for a year.

Complimentary gift certificates to the top hair salon in the city. Obviously I wasn't a customer with the "Marge Simpson wig I was sporting"!

Complimentary movie passes for a year.

Gift certificates to many of the top boutiques in the area.

And many many more..... I was "well connected". Bwahahaha..... I was somebody. *snicker* no, now I'm gasping with laughter! This is so not who I am today.

Total purchase price $4,500!


Sophie's Mom said...

That figure... those legs... 80's beautiful!

I hate you...

Beverly said...

Oh my. You say he is still single? You are my new BFF if you hook me up with that handsome must be well off man!!


Bev said...

Which one? They both were both in pretty high demand..... I'll see what I can find out. Both are CEO's of their own business's.


secret agent said...

Ah... Aqua net was the very best for the big hair.
that is cracking me up!!!
mine was huge..

I once won a keg of beer in a contest at spring break

redmaryjanes said...

Girl! You brought in a boatload of moola!

Mr.Brian said...

Thanks for stopping bye my blog.
Crazy Steff was trying to call me a studd muffin however her fingures were not working right.
All I need to ever do is read Steffie's blog for a good laugh. said...

Where oh where is Sen and Steffie today?! No sign of them anywhere.... Cougchick.. dragon fly....Diane.. Hello?!

D said...

So how did the guy with the cyan bow-tie get into a black tie fund raiser?

BTW: You now lost your right to snicker at my hair in my old pictures. And I'll publicly admit that you outdid me in the "OMG" category :-)

Steffie B. said...

Ok....I could compete with that "back then" I was Donna Mills all the way baby! Big laughed at the "Aqua Net"...that big honkin can that sprayed all over. You and I would have been major trouble together.....have a similar story, but oh can't blog it! You are one hot babe Rony......sizzlin hot!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

WTF??? I just lost my comment.
Sorry now you get sloppy seconds.
OK so in your past life you were a call girl, got it. Charged $4500/night. Pricey, but I guess with the Paris hair extentions, you needed too.
Oh I'm just kidding.
But I am a little confused, R U still single with twins???
And also, I was going to post a flashback hair do thing, and you stole my idea! Get out of my head!
Love you,
Ms. Dragonfly

Ms. Dragonfly said...

PS I'm unsure, do I now call you Barbie or Karen from Will and Grace? said...

First off: Stuffin Steff, you can not post a comment like that and then run! I want all the gory dets!

Secondly: Thank you Mr. Brian. I've been reading your posts for awhile on some of the ladies (?) sites.

Thirdly: Dragon Slayer, Very married over here... How do you think I get through a day?! And do you think the CCAA would have I trusted me to raise the monkeys?
I've been called both... now--don't be jealous.

Fourth: I must go as my kids have their birthday boxes on the deck with the scissors (bad mom) trying to open them pre-birthday! Where do they learn this stuff??

Fifth: D, I told you I had some scary shit!


Diana said...

I HAD THAT hair!! What a flash from the past. Our last trip before we got S+A, we were in crazy Cancun and I won the beer guzzlin' contest. Oh yeah, I beat an American in the finals, how sweet it is! said...

Yep, I won a "hot legs" contest back then too... And had a purrrrrrfect body too.

Steffie B. said...

Ok.....$5000 and that's my final offer!

Julie said...

My first thought was how much Aqua Net did she have to use???!! COMPLETELY cracking me up down here! Its posts like this that make your blog so funny!

Julie H said...

I used the aqua net on "everything" back then. If you know what I mean.... girls gotta look her best at all times.

Jeff and Valerie said...

Hot Mama! Aqua Net was the best stuff ever. Kept my 80's do intact for hours.

nikki said...

I am soooo right there with you ladies and your Aqua Net hair...
The bigger the better!

P.S. You were SMOKIN' girl!

Mark & Michelle said...

Yup - Big hair and Aqua net!! As Nikki said - the bigger the better - I am still talking about hair...

Anonymous said...

I love the hair. I had it myself.

cougchick said...

What the H happened to my awesome snarky post? Dammit! It's gone into bloggity thin air. I hate it when that happens...or maybe I emailed it to you instead. God, I'm losing my ever lovin mind...

Jewels of My Heart said...

Woooooooo BABY!
Hot Mama!