Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Before I was a Mom"

I use to think being a mom was easy. (yes, I judged from afar) That was before I became a mom. I know now it is effing hard! As I sit here watching my girls play with one (rare occasion) another without hitting or screaming I think about the things that have changed in my life since the babies and the things I swore I'd never do!

  • "I''ll never let my kids watch T.V. ever". Does it count if it's edumakational?
  • I've never left the house without my purse or drivers license. Had a sinking feeling I had put it on car and all my personal effects and tampons were strung all over my neighborhood. Relieved when lm confirmed it was still safely sitting on the counter.
  • I've never gone to the grocery store without a wallet. Yeah this too has happened to me with a cart load of groceries and a line of people. The mind....
  • I've never missed a doctor's appointment nor showed up a week early for that matter!
  • I have missed more mandatory work related meetings than I can count.
  • I didn't know that dementia would set in so early.
  • I have not used the word "No" so much in my life! Note to self: Must come up with a better word.
  • I have not had so little sex since bc. Sorry honey--just so damn tired.
  • I have not slept through the night since bc. The slightest noise and I'm awake--the rest of the night.
  • Sleeping in? Oh yeah, 7:00am.
  • I have not been so tired in my entire life. Dog ass crawling tired.
  • I never thought it possible to miss my "spa" treatments.
  • I haven't worn lipstick in so long that when I do the girls look at me like I'm an ailen.
  • I have not laughed so hard or for that matter cried too.
  • I never thought that I would be a sucker for a "pease mommy, pease". Yep anything they want!
  • I've never taken so many fotos of same subject (my gorgeous sweetie pies) in my life! Over 10,000 and counting.....
  • I know what a landfill is....(I've changed more diapers than you can imagine).
  • I never knew raising twins would be so challenging. I know I told you it wouldn't...jokes on me.
  • I never knew being a mom would be so gratifying.
  • I know what it is to love. Unconditionally.
"Mamarazzi" in action again.... see for yourself the cutie pies helping daddy water our 3x3 Barbie lawn.


Beverly said...

Love the list and couldn't agree more. It isn't dementia it is just mommy brain. You probably never thought you would let your children play in a diaper in the front yard either. Adorable how they mimic Mai.


Jewels of My Heart said...

I can't imagine! Hannah is baby on the go and two would be twice the joy but twice the everything else.... Lot's of hard work I am sure but they are so beautiful and you can see how happy they are.... Great job Mommy, now just try to find a moment to pamper you.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comments. I am glad to have found yours and will be back soon.

A Special Family said...

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Your girls are simply ADORABLE! My goodness! You must have your hands full, I had to laugh at your need a spa break!! lol

Can I add you to my blog roll? I'd love to follow your mommyhood life!

Steffie B. said...

Yeah...welcome to my life too girlfriend....wouldn't trade it for the world. As far as sleeping in until 7:00....consider yourself lucky. ;)

Julie said...

Hey, Didn't you know they suck out your brain cells while you get that small bit of sleep! And what is sex??!!

But they are so worth it!

So glad to knwo mine are not the only ones out in diapers or naked for that matter! YOU KNOW you're a redneck when you drive up to find your husband drinking a beer in the front yard with your children, one naked one in a diaper, playing in a big tin tub! yes, true story of mine.

Julie H

Diana said...

Can you say "Chunky Monkeys"? They look so cute and by the looks of them I would invest in the 2T's
No luck at the shopping mall today?? he he

Anonymous said...

i love the list. too funny

Staci A. Jospey

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