Monday, April 30, 2007

Only works on the German Shepherd

We were eating dinner tonight and Katie and Abbey were playing in the tupperware cabinet. (they had eaten earlier).

Jeff: "What are you girls doing"?

Girls: Giggling at daddy.

Jeff: "That is not a hat, Abbey, please put it back".

Me: Laughing.

Girls: Squealing and laughing at daddy.

Jeff: "Katie, you can not wear that bowl, it is not a boot"!

Me: More laughing. They totally crack me up.

Jeff: "Please don't put the dog food in that dish". "No, no, no, don't put that away now"!

Jeff: "Why doesn't any one listen to me"?

Me: "Um that only works with the dog sweetie"!


kerri said...

A least your dog listens to your husband, mine doesn't even get that respect... what a whiner. said...

That too is debatable! ha ha

Olivia said...

that is to funny! hehe