Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mommy and girls

Girls and I decided to venture out again this week. Wow. Twice in one week for me. Yea, yea I know other's do it, I'm just not so inclined to. A record at any rate. The truth of the matter is the girls are flower girls in one of Jeff's college bud's wedding in a couple weeks and I needed to purchase their dresses. His friend obviously has no idea my girls do not always preform on demand... like never....and are very unpredictable. Oh, how I pity them... Oh, back to the story, Anyway I quickly slapped them in their car seats in record time and took off bat out of hell. Only had a small window of opportunity before one of them started touching the other one and pissing her off. They always do. But do they have to wait until I'm driving and can't do a damn thing about it?!

We set off to purchase the dresses and I decided as a treat(?) we would stop at the germ infested play area at the mall for a little play time before returning home. They went crazy as we cruised by earlier. I thought they were going to climb right out of their stroller. You can imagine when I pulled up and parked my "ride" I barely got their shoes off and can't wear shoes at this place they were off and running. Barely gave me a backward glance. Mommy who." This was my first time alone at the play area but I felt pretty confident as there was only one escape door! Girls not even fazed by the big kids who were pushing and shoving the little kids. Katie is into picking up and tossing things in the trash and since she couldn't find a trash can she brought me a nasty snot rag!! eeeewww.... thanks Kate.

After an hour they reluctantly allowed me to strap them back in their strollers so we could head home. Wanted to beat rush hour traffic .I got them loaded up without incident in the car and headed home. Not a peep out of them. I looked in my rear view mirror and I grinned to myself. They were out like a light! Awww there is a G-d.


TaiwanMommy said...

Hi Abby and Katy! Happy Eater to you!

Harper and Taelor
(and Kyra too!) said...

Hey Harper, Taelor and Kyra aren't you the sweetest! I hope you have a wonderful day. WE are celebrating at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Naturally..