Saturday, March 31, 2007

Top 11 (idiotic) question I get asked.......

  1. How old are you? Who me, or the girls? No, I'm not their grandmother. They're 22 months old. I'm much older. Thank you for pointing that out.....jackass
  2. They look just like you. What? Are you kidding? jackass.
  3. No, they don't look like their father either. Oh, you mean their biological father. I assume they do.
  4. How much did they cost? This is where I give the blank stare .
  5. No, they do not just "spit" them out. jackass.
  6. How much do you make? I wish more....***wink***** wink*****
  7. Yes, they speak English( I get this one lot!). AND yes they do understand me!
  8. Twins? Yes they are. No two girls. Yes, I'm sure. Really.
  9. How do you tell them apart?????
  10. Why didn't you have your own children? ?????? What?
  11. They must be a lot of work. Ha, are you kidding? I'll have a vino please. Make it the bottle. Where are my pill....


Di said...

Glad I'm not the only one who has to answer these off-the-wall questions. Most recent was "What are they mixed with?" I found it funny, the girl who asked me was Asian, just had to chuckle.

Sophie and Sage "were" afraid of the Easter Bunny, hence mom got to be in the picture. But they love good-byes so they gave him a big good-bye hug, happy that they didn't have to stay. I know you're right, it will just take time for these fears to dissolve. Thanks for your comments.
Love your basketball pics, fans don't get any cuter then that.

Dirk said...

Wow, this is rather different for us - might be Oregon vs. East Coast...

I've never been asked how old I was (but a lot about the twins).
No one ever claimed they looked like me.
No one asked if they looked like their mother.
I still haven't had the "how much did they cost?" question (but I had people ask serious questions about the cost of adoption in a non-offensive way).
"spit them out"??? What???
No one asks about how much I make, I'm glad to say.
People are surprised when I speak German to them and ask about that, but no one wonders about their English skills.
Twins? I get that a lot. Every time we're out. And the surprise that they are girls. I had them in pink dresses and people asked if they were girls.
The rest are pretty much the same.

And of course you are missing the #1 most frequent comment/question: "you must have your hands full..."

Oh well. said...

Oh, yea They're a hand full!
I could write a book....

Rony said...

My neighbour used to say some of her plants multiply like Chinese people. All the while I smirked under my breath waiting to see what she'd say when S&D arrived (in multiples :o) ). So far she has kept that expression under wraps. And Dirk, they NEVER say anything to the man. Only when Mom is out with twins. Men are more intimidating to ask personal questions to in public.
Sen. said...


So true. Who in their right mind would dare ask a woman her age. *wink*. One of my favorites are I'd NEVER want twins. Well, I did and I love them. Talk about incensetive.

Yes, they only ask mom and I've heard them all. I could write a book.

Christie said...

The next time someone asks why you didn't have children of your own just say, "Why do you ask? Did you have trouble adopting?" That usually shuts them up.

We had a wonderful time at Margie and John's this weekend... oodles of Easter Eggs and great company. It's a shame you are all so far away. said...

Christie, I think it is so awesome that you know Margie and live so close to her. Our travel group was flying under the radar trying to get in and out of China before the World Trade Show. They have it twice a year. I didn't get to meet most of the families in our LID group as there were only two of us in our province. I hope you meet all of your families......


MississippiZen said...

we get asked some of the same things... the "will she speak English?" question just floors me! I agree with what you told Christie, it was a shame that all of us didn't get to travel together but that was a crazy few weeks waiting for TA and then leaving so fast!

Margie said...

Margie, now that you and I are RO's maybe we will get to meet??!?!? *wink*

tegdirb92 said...

I get asked all of the time if my husband is Asian. I tell them no, but our mailman is :)

Bridget said...

Ha ha. Bridget that is hysterical!! I may use that in the future... ha ha..