Monday, March 05, 2007

Danny and Carrie to Wed

Our dear friends Danny and Carrie are getting married! We have been counting the days until he married the woman of his dreams. AND who could argue. Stunningly beautiful. We love you Carrie. Anyway, Carrie called tonight to ask if Abbey and Katie could be her flower girls. I'm a bit misty eyed, but I felt felt it important to set the expectations and let her know that sometimes my little monkeys don't always "perform" on demand. No, say it ain't so. Ha ha. That said "they have been warned". I do hope there is alchol at this wedding. (wink) BUT, I am so excited. The wedding will be in the Outter Banks and in April. Danny is such a romatic at heart. Dan is renting a ginormous home for all of us to stay in(including he and Carrie) for the weekend. Does that sound like fun or what?! I can't wait.. Stay tuned for pictures of Mrs. Dan Moore. And of course our gorgeous babies... I'm shopping for their flower girls dresses this week!!! Babies first wedding....

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